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SAP AppHaus methodology: it all starts with behavioral change

What is the secret to a successful digitization project? How can you make sure that your new app provides real business value, that users are enthused, and that they use it to the max? Spot-on, detailed specifications or killer technology alone will not do the trick. The secret: a clear focus on what truly matters and thorough understanding of your users and the business needs! Here’s how our SAP AppHaus methodology helps.

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Building an SAP recycling solution for Galloo

Recycling is a complex business, especially if you want to work sustainably, like Belgian recycling company Galloo. Supporting that specific recycling business model is one of the keys to their rapid growth. Together with Flexso, Galloo co-created an innovative SAP solution that is future-proof and helps achieve their sustainability goals.

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How the Competency Matrix supports Umicore’s growth

Can competence management enhance your company’s growth? It certainly does at Umicore. The Competency Matrix that Flexso tailored to their needs helps Umicore improve workplace safety and workforce planning, empowers employees, and supports recruiting, learning and development. Discover how.

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Flexso AppHaus

Do you have a stellar idea for a new digital tool? A specific business need you wish to cover with a digital tool? Great! But how to make sure it will add true business value and your users will fully embrace it?

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