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Webinar: optimize travel and expense management with SAP Concur

Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use digital tool for business spending management? SAP Concur, part of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise suite of technologies, makes expense, travel and invoice management truly easy – enabling your employees to organise their own business trips while making sure their plans align with your company policies. Interested in automating your travel and expense management with SAP Concur? Attend our free webinar on June 28!

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Real-time HR analytics: discovering the key influencers of your workforce

Many organizations already acknowledge the importance of HR analytics in making informed business decisions about their employees. Turning it into an effective strategy, however, is proving to be another challenge. With more and more companies moving their HR systems to the cloud, real-time or continuous HR analytics is taking flight as well. This shift reveals new opportunities to identify your KPIs’ key influencers. Here’s how.

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Measuring employee engagement with Qualtrics at Kees Smit

Kees Smit is a Dutch market leader in garden furniture, employing around 500 workers – many of them not digitally connected. To improve the employee experience, Kees Smit decided to simplify its yearly employee survey and make it more attractive. So they called in Flexso to organize a survey with Qualtrics.

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Supporting your business and helping it grow with smart solutions: that's what we are here for! To help you even better, we bundled our know-how and created a number of brands under the 'Flexso' banner: Flexso For People for solutions specifically related to HR and Flexso Digital as an expert center for digital innovation.

HR UNLEASH: inspiration on how to shape the future of HR and tech

In today’s rapidly changing HR landscape, the need for information, ideas and inspiration has never been more important. HR UNLEASH brings together the best and the brightest in HR technology. Don’t miss this inspirational and innovative conference focussed entirely on optimising the world of work.

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HR Transformation

Looking for ways to keep up with the evolutions in HR and get a head start? Together, we prepare your HR approach for the future. A fresh new HR strategy and processes? More digital and more analytics so you can work more efficiently? More HR self-service to ensure committed, satisfied employees? Together, we will choose the building blocks, the approach and the pace. We will then provide the expertise and ensure a hands-on, smooth transformation.

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Hr transformation