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SAP HCM Consultant

Heb jij een hart voor core hr? Wil je je verdiepen in alle mogelijkheden die de SAP HCM roadmap biedt voor bedrijven? Je komt tot je recht in een open en ambitieuze omgeving waar je je eigen weg bepaalt? En je fleurt helemaal op van uitdagende projecten? Dan klink jij als onze nieuwe SAP HCM Consultant. Lees vooral verder.

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Tech-savvy stagiair

Denk je bij SAP spontaan aan oubollige, saaie boekhoudoplossingen en stockbeheer? Think again. Bij Flexso is SAP je sleutel tot een boeiende wereld vol innovatieve technologieën en complexe businessuitdagingen. Dit is wat wij verstaan onder ‘de stage van je leven’.

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How to co-create your own enterprise-ready SAP extension

As bimodal IT enters the mainstream, we’re noticing that plenty of organisations have bright ideas about business-boosting extensions to deploy on top of their core IT systems. But, it’s easy to get bogged down by all the platforms, services and software available out there claiming to help you develop enterprise-grade applications. Fortunately, SAP Business Technology Platform offers a killer toolkit for business-focussed innovation.

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How SAP Business Technology Platform facilitates the ‘One Etex’ movement

Etex recently introduced its ‘One Etex’ movement, which is all about simplifying, standardising and adding agility to structures, processes and systems around the world – paving the way for innovation in the process. With this goal in mind, Flexso helped the Etex team implement SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as a structured hub for custom development initiatives.

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KBC Flex Plan: flexible remuneration made easy

Flexible remuneration is key to attracting and retaining talent in a modern business. Well aware of this trend, KBC created Flex Plan for its 15,000 employees. But a new remuneration system also entails a lot of work for the HR department. That’s why Flexso built a tailor-made self-service Fiori app that puts employees in charge of their compensation.

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