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How ODTH gains insights and communicates using a customer portal

Accurate and clear customer communication is critical for a logistics service provider like ODTH First Class Logistics. To achieve that, a complete and detailed overview of stock and shipments – which are spread out over 6 locations in the top logistic region between Antwerp and Brussels and over 150,000 m² of warehouse space – is vital. That’s why ODTH asked Flexso to help develop a custom-built customer portal to suit its specific needs.

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Cx ODHT customer portal

Dev2Dev Series: SAP CAP

Want to make your way through to the latest & greatest SAP development techniques in SAP S/4HANA, Business Technology Platform and Fiori? Want to take on the hot topics and challenges which might come across? Join our serie of deep dive sessions which we entirely created by developers for developers.

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SAPience TECH MasterClass: Elia case

As a partner of SAPience, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge about different topics. For the next Technology Master Class on May 12, we'll be presenting the story of Elia and how they accelerate S/4 Fiori app creation powered by SAP Fiori Elements and CDS

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Future-proofing your SAP solution in no time

With the launch of SAP S/4HANA, SAP took an enormous leap forward towards an intelligent ERP platform. Are you ready to leverage all the benefits of this new foundation but concerned about the cost and complexity of the conversion? Explore how Flexso helps you move fast with our SAP-qualified S/4 Conversion Factory Packages.

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ERP S4 Conversion Factory header

UGent automates research management processes, for big wins

As an institution of higher education and research, the University of Ghent (UGent) must deal with large volumes of documentation, financial information and other data related to educational and research projects. As UGent was already using SAP to manage its finance and HR data, they decided to take their financial and operational approach to research project management to the next level with SAP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and SAP Fiori.

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U Gent research management

A clear-for-all-view on research budgeting essentials

Not curiosity, but complexity kills the cat when it comes to financially managing research projects. Every stage of scientific research has its own set of opportunities, finance challenges and stakeholders. Flexso successfully introduced a budget app that runs on SAP’s Portfolio and Project Management (PPM).

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