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A clear-for-all-view on research budgeting essentials

Not curiosity, but complexity kills the cat when it comes to financially managing research projects. Every stage of scientific research has its own set of opportunities, finance challenges and stakeholders. Flexso successfully introduced a budget app that runs on SAP’s Portfolio and Project Management (PPM).

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Terumo unlocks paper-free, hassle-free incident registration

A subsidiary of the Japan-based Terumo Corporation, Terumo Europe provides the EMEA healthcare market with valuable medical products and services that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. Faced with maintenance challenges at its plants, Terumo Europe turned to SAP Fiori – and Flexso Digital – for an intelligent, mobile maintenance foundation.

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Unleash the power of mobile maintenance

When performing maintenance on machines for your organisation, you want to spot issues as quickly as possible and fix them the moment they occur (corrective maintenance) or perhaps even before (preventive maintenance). However, maintenance and service process flows are time consuming, and there’s also a lot of paperwork involved.

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Boost your business with the B2B Portal

Providing a tailored and premium customer experience is becoming increasingly important – not only in a B2C context, but in B2B as well. To help you take your customer journey to the next level and gain valuable business insights in the process, Flexso created the B2B Portal: an accelerator that extends your SAP environment and services towards your B2B customers and partners.

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SAP Business Technology Platform Consultant

Ben je in de wolken als je applicaties mag ontwerpen én bouwen? Streef je altijd naar nog beter, intelligenter, performanter? Ken je je weg in het SAP Business Technology Platform? Je komt tot je recht in een open en ambitieuze omgeving waar je je eigen weg bepaalt? Dan klink jij als onze nieuwe SAP Business Technology Platform Consultant. Lees vooral verder.

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Tech-savvy stagiair

Denk je bij SAP spontaan aan oubollige, saaie boekhoudoplossingen en stockbeheer? Think again. Bij Flexso is SAP je sleutel tot een boeiende wereld vol innovatieve technologieën en complexe businessuitdagingen. Dit is wat wij verstaan onder ‘de stage van je leven’.

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