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SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0: meet your new virtual co-worker

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital co-worker at hand who is always eager to handle the repetitive tasks involved in your daily job? Somebody who is available 24/7, who never gets tired and who can repeat the same processes over and over again – with 100% accuracy? This dream colleague is already accessible via robotic process automation (RPA). No, these aren’t mechanical work floor robots; RPA bots are purely virtual and can collaborate with you right from your desktop.

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Integrated authorization in your SAP S/4HANA set-up

Everyone in your organisation has different level of clearance. Each business role requires access to specific and sometimes sensitive information. Having a clearly defined set of authorization rules is vital to the correct functioning of your company. By mapping your authorization flow from the start during your SAP S/4HANA implementation or migration, you save time and budget in the long term.

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Welcome Terminal Accelerator

From waiting lines and language barriers to dock assignment mixups: your logistics site is probably home to a number of pain points that add up to one thing: inefficiency. Do away with all of it by streamlining the underlying flows of information. Our Welcome Terminal Accelerator brings you the benefits of logistics process automation faster than ever.

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Why cloud integration is more popular than ever – and where to get started

IT landscapes are more and more hybrid these days, incorporating multiple cloud platforms, on-premise solutions and third-party systems. This means that businesses are facing an increasing number of integration challenges. Before, most organisations relied on a single system – SAP R3, for example – that took care of core tasks, supplemented with additional – but separate – systems for specific lines of business.

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Introducing students to the fascinating world of SAP

As a student, you usually spend most of your time either sitting in large auditoriums, reading behind a desk surrounded by books, or hanging out at a bar. You'll learn about your subject matter, but it's of course much more interesting to be taught by someone working directly in your field.

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The need for speed with e-commerce

Did you know that, during the first planetary lockdown of the 21st century, e-commerce companies saw up to 300% increases in orders online? The rise of commerce is more than just a quick response to this pandemic. It’s a channel that companies can no longer ignore, whether you are in B2C or B2B.

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