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SAP Integrated Business Planning: aligning supply and demand

Uncertainty in demand, high service expectations, faster delivery times… supply chain management is becoming increasingly complex. By digitizing and connecting everything, SAP Integrated Business Planning helps you align supply and demand. The result? You can prioritize certain production lines, ease planning, and adjust your operations to changing market needs.

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Simplify, automate and optimise your warehouse workflows

Scanning in warehouse settings has come a long way from its earliest beginnings – and it has revolutionised the way tasks are performed and information flows are handled. Find out how the SAP Mobile Warehouse Management accelerator pack by Flexso takes your SAP ERP system even further by bringing flexible, easy-to-use mobile warehouse scanning capabilities to your organisation.

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About us

Looking for a strategic end-to-end SAP partner? As an SAP Gold Partner, we work with our customers to build solutions that pave the way for smooth digital transformation. We devote all our expertise and passion to our work, which means that your organization gets the most out of its SAP investments.

3 top trends in technology that drive the need for integration

Have you noticed a shift in your IT landscape over the past few years? You’re not alone: more and more organisations are replacing their monolithic systems with hybrid data-focused models that incorporate cloud, innovative technologies and more. This creates an increasingly complex environment, making it a challenge to choose the best integration tools. Today, we take you through the key technologies as determined by Gartner, for which integration is crucial.

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SAP CX release 2202 - 3 features to boost your business

Attention, sales experts and marketeers, it’s that time of the year again: SAP published its latest 2202 release on the SAP customer experience suite. A bunch of new functionalities and features to consider within SAP Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing cloud. To help you out, our experts had a closer look and highlighted 3 interesting features to look forward to.

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Supply Chain Innovations: the latest in SAP IBP

A strong supply chain can make a real difference for your business. But with ever-increasing customer expectations and global supply chain disruptions, that’s easier said than done. Still, there’s a way to get ahead of the game – with the right technology!

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