The reversed philosophy within HR: recruiting

The war for talent is more palpable than ever. HR specialists are looking for similar employees. What effect do internal mobility, digitization, candidate experience and speed have on current recruitment?

Tom Mentens (Flexso for People) joined other HR specialists Bart Van Keer (Oracle), Ann Cattelain (Federgon), Naomi van Obbergen (Gighouse), Stefanie Picard (KPMG), Bernard Ghaye (Realdolmen) and Julie Van der Heyden (Delhaize) at another HR Magazine round table to discuss the challenges that the job market nowadays has in store for them.


Nowadays, internal people are looked at more often for job changes. The importance of employee centricity is increasing and giving employees the opportunity to do another job within the company is therefore a strong signal towards them. Training employees is important, not only in the case of internal job changes, but also when the work content changes rapidly. Tom Mentens explains how artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies to prepare for the future.

Tom Mentens

“HR and digitization go hand in hand. Companies know more about their employees than they realize. It starts with keeping an online CV up to date, as well as an overview of previous trainings and courses they have followed. AI can then determine competency sets and compare them with the competencies you will need in the future”.

Tom Mentens - Digital Transformation Expert at Flexso For People

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