IBP key features

Key features of SAP Integrated Business Planning

Forecasting customer needs, supplying the right products at the right time and fulfilling orders on short, precise delivery schedules, can be a challenge. Innovative supply chain management through SAP IBP helps you digitize and connect all these processes to deliver a more meaningful customer experience.

Solving pain points

With SAP IBP, you gain insight in what your customers need and what you can supply – at every moment. The solution contains several components, each with its own key advantages. Where you get started depends on your specific business needs and pains. What’s your focus?

SAP IBP components

SAP IBP Control Tower

Looking for clear and complete information to manage your end-to-end supply chain? Keep track of key aspects of the supply chain across your business in SAP IBP Control Tower. Combining big data with the SAP HANA database, this module allows you to track KPIs over time.

SAP IBP Sales and Operations Planning

The ideal starting point to synchronize your supply and demand is the SAP IBP Sales and Operations Planning module. It allows you to take data-driven strategic decisions: you can assess demand and supply situations on multiple product levels and across the supply chain – not merely based on quantity, but also from a cost vs. revenue perspective. In addition, IBP Sales and Operations Planning helps you collaborate with colleagues through SAP Jam and lets you create simulations to assess different options in resolving demand or supply issues.

SAP IBP Demand

To understand and shape actual demand, SAP IBP Demand is the way to go. It combines long-term statistical forecasting with specific demand-sensing algorithms, helping you predict short-term demand. Additionally, you can easily include point-of-sales data to increase the accuracy of your predictions and gain a better understanding of sales data.

SAP IBP Inventory

SAP IBP Inventory helps you to easily determine optimal inventory levels across your business through a standardized and automated stock calculation system. This way, uncertainty in supply and demand can be covered. Additionally, the module allows you to find a balance between working capital and customer service.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) is a new way of doing MRP based on buffer stock and actual demand. It allows SAP IBP to support all steps of DDMRP and ensures a smooth material flow through the supply chain. Inventory levels can be reduces with strategic de-coupling point and buffer zone calculations. Last but not least, it allows you to simplify planning with directed replenishment activities, simplified supply prioritization and active buffer zone monitoring.

SAP IBP Response and Supply

Ad hoc changes in production and distribution in a complex supply network often require quick responses and alternative solutions. SAP IBP Response and Supply provides you with the necessary tools to tackle these challenging situations. The module also allows you to allocate constraints to sales orders and balance supply strategies, ultimately increasing your revenue.

There’s no doubt that SAP IBP is the go-forward solution for supply chain management. But how do you get started? Flexso will guide you in three steps.

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