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SuccessFactors release H1 2022 – what you need to know

SAP SuccessFactors has introduced a bunch of new features and upgrades in its first release of 2022! We take you through the most relevant changes and additions in the Platform, Employee Central, Learning, and so much more!

The Reimagined Homepage saga continues

SAP has made a sudden shift in the timing of the universal upgrade of the Reimagined Homepage. Please be aware that at this moment, all related upgrade activities are frozen and disabled from Upgrade Center. Activities can be reinitiated on June 6 in Preview and on July 15 in Production instances.

So what is the new timing? The universal upgrade is planned between August 5 and September 16 on Preview. On Production instances, it is expected between September 2 and October 14. The exact timing will depend on the data center, as SAP applies a phased roll out.

So what about the Latest Homepage in the meantime? Luckily, SAP added some new stuff!

New Quick Actions

The following quick actions are made available on the latest Homepage

  • Candidate Talent Pools
  • Learning Administration
  • Learning approval and Learning assignment tasks
  • Mobile Activation
  • View Company Documents
  • View Tile Reports
Quick Actions release SFSF H1 22

A new experience for the Role-Based Permissions

The latest Role-Based Permissions (RBP) have a new look and feel which is more in line with the general SuccessFactors branding.

Role based permissions release SFSF H1 22

But, of course, there’s more. The RBP allow to indicate a permission role or group as ‘RBP-only’, which implies that the role or group can only be used for permission-related features. You can’t use it for other features, such as homepage tile access.

Once you have switched to the latest RBP, all roles are synchronized automatically, and no settings are lost. You can still choose to switch back to legacy Role-Based Permissions afterwards.

Warning: wait before you update!

Managing Meta – Data Framework (MDF) permissions is not supported yet in this latest role-based permissions view. Therefor we advise you to wait with switching to the latest RBP experience until the the next release (October 14).

We can help you!

Do you need advice or more information about setting up the new features of this release? We are happy to guide you!

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What’s new on Employee Central?

Customers using Employee Central can now configure apprentice profiles for contingent workers with a future hire date. The new hire template can be adjusted per type of contingent worker. The plans can be shared with the apprentices as well as their supervisor.

Role-based permissions for additional Employee Central entities are now available, which gives users the flexibility to set permissions at an entity level. Don’t forget to review and update your admin roles after this change, to avoid that the permissions are no longer granted to the right users.

The latest homepage now shows Employee Central and MDF alerts at a glance in the For You Today section cards. Users can choose to temporarily dismiss these cards via the Remind Me Tomorrow option.

Goals Management Experience: more interaction

Interact with your goals in non-Goal Management modules, using the latest Goal Management experience to create and edit goals.

The embedded dialog is shown in the following modules:

  • Career Development
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Multirater
  • People Profile
  • Performance Management
  • Succession
Goals Management Experience release SFSF H1 22

Capability Picker: a clear view of every competency

The Capability Picker has a new UI that shows the competencies, behaviors, and skills within the company. It can be used to add competencies in Job Profile Builder, Performance & Goals, and Succession & Development.

Capability Picker release SFSF H1 22

Recruiting Management made easier

Certain sensitive job application data can now be made anonymous after the initial anonymization. You can do this easily by selectively purging relevant job applications.

SAP also improved working with picklist fields on the Candidate Profile and Job Application pages. The typeahead feature shows you all matching values of that picklist, without having to scroll through the full list.

Lastly, it is now possible to post externally posted private jobs to job boards without first posting the job publicly to the external career site.

No updates were released for Recruiting Marketing, but we’re curious what the fall release will bring us.


You can now add custom cards on the homepage based on the start date of new employees. After the fixed period has ended, the card automatically disappears.

Recruiting Management release SFSF H1 22

Also, managers and other participants in on- or offboarding processes will see three new types of cards in their ‘For You Today’ section: Data Review, Manager Activities and Compliance. They get notified about their most urgent tasks and can take action on important to-do’s directly from the home page.

In case of a rehire in Onboarding 2.0, the old employment information can be used if the onboarding is done through SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. The profile of the former employee can be chosen during the rehire process.

Calibration sessions: more access control

Admins can specify which managers can access which calibration templates.

After the calibration session ends, you can easily gather feedback from the employee by using a Qualtrics survey.

Keep up with all release info

This was our summary of the most relevant changes in this first release of 2022. If you want the complete overview, have a look here. Mark November 18 in your calendar for the next release!

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