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Shaping your business analytics strategy

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Your data is the key to business insights – and business success. Yet how do you make the most of it? Do you have the right strategy in place to convert data into real-time, actionable insight and knowledge? Are you looking for an on-premise or a cloud analytics solution?

To get started with analytics, you need a solid analytics strategy that defines the way data is captured, managed and used. Your strategy should support your Lines of Business (LoB) as well as the entire organization with dashboards and tools to uncover the value of your data. A proper analytics strategy is composed of three pillars:

Building the analytics foundation

As the amount of data – and data sources – is exploding, you need a data strategy to unlock the value of data, i.e. define how your company will collect, store, manage, model, share and use data. From data governance, master data management, data life cycle management and data modelling to data warehousing: Flexso has the technical expertise to help you build your analytics foundation.

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Empowering lines of business (LoB) with analytics & planning

Business users perfectly know their business and want quick access to insight – to take prompt business decisions. By providing LoBs like HR, finance, logistics and marketing with self-service reporting, analytics and planning tools, we ensure they have access to the data insights they need, when they need them.

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Enabling enterprise-wide, data-driven decisions

In addition to division-specific insights, the management needs a 360° view of all aspects of the business to steer the business forward. We can help design and deliver enterprise-wide dashboards that are available from a central reporting hub. More than that, we can also help you think about innovative scenarios – and the appropriate technology like machine learning or AI – to truly harness the power of your data.

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Wouter Vanhoutte

Wouter Vanhoutte