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Integrated authorization in your SAP S/4HANA set-up

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Everyone in your organisation has different level of clearance. Each business role requires access to specific and sometimes sensitive information. Having a clearly defined set of authorization rules is vital to the correct functioning of your company. By mapping your authorization flow from the start during your SAP S/4HANA implementation or migration, you save time and budget in the long term.

Challenges facing your authorization flow

Every authorization landscape needs to tick some boxes to keep your employees empowered and to respect compliance regulations:

  • Overview: can you keep track of which users have access to which specific data? This also lets you check/verify whether each user has sufficient data access to perform their job.
  • Compliance: are you compliant with GDPR regulations and is sensitive data sufficiently restricted?
  • Flexibility and scalability: is it easy to add new users and grant them access, or change someone’s authorizations when they change functions within the organisation?
  • Future-proofness: is the authorization design user-friendly enough? Can new processes or legal entities easily be added in future, as the organisation grows and changes?
  • Responsibility: who in the company is responsible for authorization administration? Who has the final decision on granting access to each user?
  • Continuity: if your administrator or authorization team changes, how easily can the new team take over and maintain the authorization procedures?

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The Flexso method of implementing an integrated authorization flow

Our way of making this work? The Flexso team combines technical know-how of the SAP Tools and functional knowledge of business processes in SAP and works closely with your team.

  1. We define the roles with our Design Matrix, meaning we map all the users and their function within the company. These functions are then linked to business roles.
  2. We further define the tasks of each user, link them to specific processes in SAP and assign them to each appropriate business role. This results in a first set of best practice authorizations to test business processes.
  3. We verify with your in-house team the granted authorizations and refine them into ready-for-production settings.
  4. We deliver manuals for reference, both during and after the implementation or migration process. These include practical information on our way of working, the structure of the framework that was put into place, a guide for problem solving and more.

The benefits of Flexso’s integrated authorization approach

  • Gradual build-up: an integrated approach ensures a better and more realistic result, as authorizations are continuously taken into account throughout your SAP S/4HANA project and verified during the testing processes.
  • Security: with the help of the Design Matrix , no risks are involved, and the right access is granted to the right people.
  • Visualisation and user friendliness: thanks to the intuitive setup, users can explore the apps they need to do their jobs without having to worry about the technical details behind each app.
  • Change management: authorizations play a key role in the implementation/conversion/migration right from the start. This generates awareness and ensures the involvement of all users.

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