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Scanning in warehouse settings has come a long way from its earliest beginnings – and it has revolutionised the way tasks are performed and information flows are handled. Find out how the SAP Mobile Warehouse Management accelerator pack by Flexso takes your SAP ERP system even further by bringing flexible, easy-to-use mobile warehouse scanning capabilities to your organisation.

Step into the age of Scanning 2.0

Back in the “good” old days, the complex flows of goods through warehouses were all managed manually with plenty of heavy lifting and stacks of paper.
Most companies today have digitally automated at least some portion of the many tasks and responsibilities involved in warehouse management. Over the last several years, SAP has offered popular solutions, first releasing SAP Console for handheld radio frequency scanners, and then the web-based ITS Mobile.
Now, we’re witnessing the dawn of Scanning 2.0, defined by the superior user experience and ease of use offered by SAP Fiori.

Simplifying every single workflow

Despite the numerous advantages of Fiori-based applications – responsiveness, use on any device, modern UX – there is still no standard SAP Fiori warehouse management application available. That’s where our accelerator pack comes in.

The front end is simple and intuitive, shielding the user from the underlying complexity of the SAP gateway, connection to on-premise SAP systems, etc. As a result, warehouse employees get a clear view of available stock information and perform much less manual labour and administration, and there’s a huge reduction in error risk.

Scanning warehouse management Fiori 2

The applications included in our accelerator pack simplify every workflow. Below is just a sample of the apps available:

  • Receiving: the warehouse employee simply scans the item (known as the handling unit in SAP), the material is received – and the stock is entered into your ERP system.
  • Inventory: the user can easily scan the item, confirm the BIN location and view multiple insights such as stock count.
  • Picking: the employee scans the delivery number and the system automatically indicates which materials to pick and their locations. Repacking goods for shipment is simple with the packing application.
  • Shipping: after the goods are loaded into the truck, the user can post the goods issue with a tap.

To make all of this a reality, barcodes must be included on each product, and hardware installed to run our mobile scanning apps. We can provide you with advice and best practices to ensure a smooth setup in your warehouse.

SAP storeSAP store

Backed by the power of SAP

Not only are there significant usability and productivity benefits for warehouse employees, our solution offers key IT and business benefits as well, including:

  • it’s module agnostic, meaning it works with SAP MM-IM, WM and EWM;
  • because it’s a web application, it accommodates almost any device;
  • it’s back-end compatible with ECC and S/4HANA on premise or in the cloud;
  • SAP Fiori is a proven technology, built on SAP best practices and industry-leading design principles.

Industry expertise, development skills and flexible implementations

The Flexso team offers deep expertise in logistics challenges – and the development skills to solve real industry business challenges.

With our SAP Mobile Warehouse Management extension and accelerator pack, we offer businesses a fast track to greater productivity and higher margins. We work closely with your team in short sprints, configuring the solution to meet your goals – and, of course, we will never push you towards technology that doesn’t suit your needs. On top of that, we can even support you with best practice barcode scanning setup and selection of the most applicable hardware for your warehouse.

Learn more about how Flexso’s accelerator pack for SAP Mobile Warehouse Management can revolutionise workflows in your warehouse. Get in touch.

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