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What’s new in SAP CX: An overview of the latest features

Each quarter, SAP releases new features for SAP Marketing Cloud and Sales and Service Core (aka ‘C4C’). Discover the highlights of the most important new functionalities on this release page!

SAP releases quarterly upgrades and new features for their customer experience solutions. Eager to find out what’s coming up for your Sales, Service and Marketing solutions?

For each new release, our experts go through the latest updates and make a selection of the most relevant new features.

Find out which highlights are in the new release for SAP Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Emarsys in the video below!

SAP Customer Experience Release 2308

SAP launched a lot of new things, making this 2308 'summer' release very hot! In between vacation days and festivals, our experts Tin and Jef, have created an overview of the most relevant new features so you can catch up quickly.

For Sales and Service core, the UI framework has been updated for Windows 11. No need to use a browser anymore.

Tin als has some great updates on changes in Leads, Opportunities, Tickets and Surveys that improve efficiency, internal communication and tailor the system to your company's sales and approval processes. Less clicking around, more insights and more time to actually do sales.

For SAP Intelligent Sales Cloud, the add-ons features such as Customer Insights and Guided Selling have very useful new options to adjust and tweak to your needs.

When it comes to the SAP marketing solutions, there are some great updates for both Emarsys and SAP Marketing Cloud.

Jef takes you through the best new integrations with Emarsys first, showing how easily you can get the insights you need to determine your most successful channels and products.

For Marketing Cloud, SAP continued working on the marketing event 'flow', closing the loop for the entire process. Jef will show you how you can now create forms and emails directly in Marketing Cloud and now add multiple items of interest. Oh, and you can tailor your 'send of behalf of' information to boost registrations for an event!

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