CX release 2208

5 features you should know from the SAP Customer Experience release 2208

Easy and relaxed summer? Not for the SAP development team! The August Customer Experience (CX) Release just went live and this time not only for Cloud for Customer but also for Marketing Cloud! Now, where to start? We asked two of our CX experts to select the 5 most relevant changes.

Sales and Service cloud: discover these 3 changes

1. Easier code list restrictions

Is your organization using multiple business roles? You can now create 'Code list restrictions' and roll them out to multiple business roles instead of creating them for each business role. This also makes future edits to multiple business roles easier!

2. Archiving opportunities

It’s now possible to flexibly archive quotes regardless of business checks. This way, you can archive lost or stopped opportunities or archive quotes independent of their life cycle status. Your administrator can enable this feature in the fine-tuning activity for archiving. Archiving removes opportunities based on a defined retention period from the work lists to allow your Salespeople to keep better track of current opportunities.

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3. Manage tasks from Calendar

Tasks which are configured as calendar relevant will be available in the calendar. From here Tasks can be created, rescheduled and filtered from the calendar. In case you want to easily categorize different tasks, color coding functionalities for the calendar tasks make sure your sales people know what’s going on, even in the busiest of agenda’s.

CX release blog 2208 manage task from Calendar

Marketing Cloud: 2 features to look out for

1. Integrate with WhatsApp

Here’s something you’ll want to know: WhatsApp can now be integrated with SAP Marketing Cloud! With this intergration SAP added another popular channel to the customer experience portfolio that can be used by marketeers.

2. Edit released emails

Email marketing is still one of the main focuses of marketers. Therefore, you will be glad that you can now edit released emails even after a campaign has launched! SAP's commitment to improve email lite in the Content Studio is being reflected in this highly requested feature.

CX release blog 2208 edit released mailings

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