SAP CX 2205 release whats new

SAP CX release 2205 - What's new?

Much like Swiss watch makers, SAP is right on time with its new quarterly release. And were happy to share our thoughts on the most relevant changes! In this release we see a clear focus on new features in the CX Sales and Service core, with some useful adjustments in the add-ons. Have a look at the breakdown below to find out more.

Service Core: multi-channel interactions in Agent Desktop

The improved Agent Desktop is here. SAP has integrated multiple messaging channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. From now on, automatic interaction records will be created for messaging. That means service agents have a clear view on all interactions in a timeline.

Apart from the added interaction channels there is now also multi-step confirmation, a useful feature as customers often have multiple contacts. Identify the proper Account and Contact combination through the search screen in Agent Desktop. This goes both ways: when a contact is linked to multiple accounts, it is possible to confirm the contact first and then the right account.

Sales Core: less clicks, more sales

The most significant improvements in the Sales Core streamline the administrative processes for your sales team. For example, there is now an option to create a follow-up visit directly from a sales quote. Before this release, both had to be created separately and then linked afterwards.

Speaking of sales quotes, you won’t lose track of priorities thanks to added color-coded categories in the Sales Quote work list:

  • Won
  • Pending
  • Lost

You will not miss out on any opportunities either. The color coding feature has been added to ‘Opportunities’ as well! The work list shows color-coded status categories in the ‘Opportunities’ work list.

Sales quote work list CX release

New: machine learning offers product recommendation

The new ‘Product Recommendation’ feature uses machine learning to help your sales people leverage upsell and cross-sell recommendations to increase deal size! The algorithm proposes products in ‘Opportunities and Quotes’, based on one years’ sales quote and opportunity data. Let your customers data predict your clients’ needs before they even know it.

Product recommendations CX release

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Groupware add-on integration

E-mail and calendar integration on the server side has been improved by manually being able to associate tasks with any sales objects like accounts, opportunities, etc. directly from the groupware add-on. You are now also able to save (planned) phone calls visible in Outlook as a meeting. Leverage usability with the mobile version and do task association on the go on your mobile.

(Available in the SAP Sales and Service Cloud Enterprise edition and S&S Core)

Groupware add on CX release

Sales add-on: Opportunity Score Selection

This feature allows you to choose the kind of score you want to appear next to your list of Opportunities. ‘Opportunity score’ shows a score generated by machine learning. If you are not yet leveraging Machine Learning, no worries, the ‘Probability score’ is here to help.

What about the Service add-on? For this release the Service add-on contains mostly minor improvements and bug fixes.

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