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CX Release 2111 - Next-level integrations

December is on our doorstep. Santa Claus, reindeer Rudolph, and Mariah Carey’s all-time classic “All I want for Christmas” are ready and waiting to kick off the year-end period. But let’s not start the holiday season without first seeing the key pointers from our quarterly SAP CX Release.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Each quarter, SAP releases an upgrade with new features and improvements. The latest features for 2021 were launched recently. We’ve carefully selected the most important features for our team of CX experts.

Let’s start with Lien, our marketeer. She’s been working with SAP Marketing Cloud for several years now and considers herself a marketing automation expert. Throughout that period Lien even came up with several ideas to improve the cloud solution. That’s why she’s very excited today that one of her ideas has been picked up and delivered by SAP.

LinkedIn & Marketing Cloud, here at last. 🥳

LinkedIn campaigns

We hardly need to tell you that, in a B2B context, LinkedIn is one of the most important sources of information. Thanks to the integration of both systems, Lien can now leverage her marketing-cloud data to create specific target groups in LinkedIn. For example, she can send a list of all contacts that visited a webinar to the LinkedIn platform.

Marketing cloud integration Linkedin

The contact list will be used by LinkedIn to create a matched audience. This matched audience can then be used as a target in your next ad campaign on LinkedIn to boost your next webinar registrations.

Can’t wait to get started? Take a look at these 3 takeaways from our integration specialist before setting up the LinkedIn connection.

3 useful key notes from an integration perspective:

  1. A LinkedIn licence is required
  2. A minimum number of 300 LinkedIn followers is mandatory
  3. OAuth authentication between SAP Marketing cloud and LinkedIn

Keen to know more about the technical implications? Contact our integration specialist.

Besides the LinkedIn integration there are some other notable improvements to consider. The one most relevant to our team? Weighted items of interest.

Weighted items of interest

Previously, Lien could assign an item of interest to certain interactions. For instance, if someone clicked on a link for a particular product, that product of interest was added to the contact’s profile. The sales representative, Erik, could then follow this up or use it for lead nurturing. However, no value distinction was made between clicking on a link, downloading a whitepaper or attending an event. Now, Lien will be able to hand over even more qualified leads to Erik by assigning values to these items of interest.

Let’s suppose that downloading a whitepaper has 3x times more business value then visiting a product page on the web shop. This can now be configured by our administrator.

Lien can use these valuable insights to

  • increase precision of segmentation
  • create personalised content
  • hand over more qualified leads to sales.

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