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Discover the summer CX features -Release 2108

No holiday for the SAP team! Summer or not a new quarterly release is upcoming for all SAP CX Cloud solutions. This is of course good news for our CX team Koen, Lien, Erik and Karel. In the article below we highlighted the most important topics for each member. If you want to know more of some of the new features feel free to reach out.

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SAP Marketing Cloud

In the new marketing cloud the focus lies on two main features. First some improvements concerning email automation and secondly about progressively profiling of your contact base.

SAP Marketing Cloud made the switch from an old e-mail content creator to the new email Lite editor more than 2 years ago. Since then it has been improved in each release and this one doesn't make any exception.

Tip: if you are currently not yet using the e-mail lite editor it might be a good idea to switch as SAP has indicated that the innovation focus is the email Lite editor.

Starting from the upcoming release Lien, our marketing manager, will be able to select a new type of building block in her email campaigns namely an interaction building block. This will allow Lien to come up with all types of automated marketing e-mail campaigns. For instance, last product viewed in the commerce platform of Karel or the last event attended. In combination with trigger based live campaigns this will be very handy to take the customer experience to the next level.

CV Release 2108 Marketing Cloud Interactive email campaign V1

The second highly anticipated feature is progressive profiling. This will assist in building up your contact base. Previously, you could create a form that should be filled in by your prospects containing different contact attributes such as name, job title, birth date, department, ….

Now you can build up this form progressively. Meaning if you already know a prospect’s name this field will not be visible for him. Instead, the system will ask the prospect to fill in his job title. The order of these fields can be arranged in SAP Marketing Cloud by Lien herself. Once we know enough about our prospect we could create a Lead for Koen, Head of Customer Care, to follow-up.

Example Registration Form Flexso

SAP Sales/Service Cloud

Not only new things to discover within SAP Marketing Cloud, the new quarterly release also offers new functionalities within SAP Sales and Service Cloud (C4C, in short)!

This release again, we’ve chosen three interesting new features.

Microsoft Teams Integration

The biggest new feature is also the first one: the Microsoft Teams integration. SAP have made this integration possible on the Appointment object. Meaning, you can set up and initiate a Teams call from within C4C. In Microsoft Teams itself, a new tab for SAP Sales Cloud is now available on the Calendar object.

CX release 2108 Sales cloud Teams integration

In the digital meeting itself, an additional sidebar with live info from C4C can be activated.
Very neat indeed!

CX release 2108 Sales cloud Teams integration 2

Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integration

After the beta and test releases, this is now Generally Available. It features the Query Designer to create Stories on C4C data, Linked Analysis to drill down on specific fields, Explorer Mode to analyze multiple dimensions and measures, and Story and Page filters.

This live connection between C4C and SAC, and its Advanced Analytics features comes at no additional cost.

Go Mobile!

For the Extended App, the Sales Assistant is now also Generally Available: Basically the End User can use voice, text or touch, to interact with SAP Sales Cloud using the ‘conversational sales assistant’.

In short: you can now talk to C4C 😊
For example: “Show me opportunities closing this quarter”, “Show me hot leads” 💬, Managing your prospects won't become easier than this, right?

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