Release SAP Customer Experience 2021

SAP Customer Experience release 2102: what’s new?

SAP & Flexso wishes its customers a final happy new year with another quarterly release update of their cloud products. In this blog post, we highlight the most recent and essential features just for you. You can find the complete overview at SAP Help pages.

SAP Cloud for Customer

Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service

SAP launched the February 2021 release for SAP Sales and Service Cloud! (aka Cloud for Customer, or C4C). A lot of new and cool functionalities are being developed by SAP. Some are still in beta; others, like the ones below, are now generally available.

Recurring Appointments

One of those new functionalities, that have been in test mode for some weeks, is the recurring appointment support for Outlook integration (Server Side). This was asked for by numerous customers and allows to schedule, as you do in Outlook, recurring appointments. Now they will also be reflected as such in C4C. This is both valid for Visits as for Appointments. For daily/weekly recurring series, 2 months of recurring appointments will be replicated. For monthly recurring appointments, 6 months will be replicated. This may be altered if required (on request and by SAP).

CX-release 2102-people-business

“To archive or not to archive”, that’s the question

The next interesting functionality is the archiving of documents. This is a new functionality, and is available for Quotes, Orders, Tickets, Tasks, Appointments and Visits. Various parameters are considered before an object can finally be archived, and afterwards deleted. For example, a retention period can be defined. During the retention period, the data exists in C4C and in the Archive database.


Thirdly, we want to highlight a new integration with Qualtrics. As you might know, this is one of the latest companies SAP has acquired (back in Jan 2019). Now, we are starting to see more and more integration between the two products. One new functionality, that is interesting, is the Web to Lead. With this one you can use the Qualtrics Actions framework to create a new lead in C4C. This only in just a few clicks in the Qualtrics User Interface. You can configure this in such a way, that your prospects can create himself/herself via your website as a lead. Very handy and efficient indeed!

The different customer challenges

Today it’s all about improving the experience for everyone. Find out how we approach the different customer challenges of today

SAP Marketing Cloud

For SAP Marketing Cloud, we picked out some innovations for the marketeers, integrations specialists and administrators.

Simple segmentation

Let’s start with the administrators. If you are currently are using SAP Marketing Cloud, you will know that adding custom fields to your segmentation capabilities is quite cumbersome. Luckily, this process is now simplified. Adding a custom field to your segmentation will become more easier than ever. In 2021, we say goodbye to the complified process and welcome a new user-friendly layout.

CX Release 2102 Simple segmentation

Improved integration between Marketing Cloud & C4C

The integration specialist will be happy to notice that SAP continues to improve their existing standard integration packages. In this release SAP has improved the standard integration between SAP Marketing Cloud & SAP Cloud for Customer for Leads and the standard integration between SAP Marketing Cloud & Qualtrics for survey responses.
For leads, you will be able to send more detailed information to your sales reps. For instance, a URL or URL text will become visible as an attachment in Sales Cloud. The marketeer can include a link to a whitepaper the lead has downloaded for the sales rep.

Managing the experiences

For Qualtrics integration, you will be able to leverage surveys responses quicker. Once the standard integration is set up, marketeers will be able to drill down based on the response of a satisfaction survey. Thereby, the link between Experience Management and Customer Experience will become stronger.

Custom CSS formatting

Lastly, the marketeers will fully indulge themselves in the improved content studio. Some of the most commonly used e-mail components are ‘Last bought product’ or ‘Last viewed product’. To enable this feature, SAP Marketing Cloud now supports the inclusion of product interaction types as building block in your e-mails.
A final must have for marketeers is the custom CSS. As we all know corporate branding is crucial for your marketing communications across all marketing channels. Therefore, you can now import your custom CSS formatting into your next mail campaign via e-mail lite. Good to know is that ‘E-mail Lite’ will remain a focus area for further innovations and more features will be added in the next release in April! Stay tuned…

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