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The marketeer, jack of all trades, master of all

Three weeks. That is the time David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, spent on creating the headline for a legendary Rolls Royce ad in 1958. Those were the days that branding was everything and marketeers were focusing on radio, television, and print. Nowadays, in this world of omnichannel, social media and real-time e-selling, branding is not enough anymore.

That’s what makes the task of Lien, responsible for the marketing team, so challenging. She has to act like a jack of all trades and has to master it all

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Lien: brand specialist, growth hacker and data analyst

Marketeers like Lien must speak several languages as they work together with several departments. They speak advertising with copywriters and designers, they talk about conversion and sales targets with sales and they need to speak IT with the departments managing the data of the company. Last but not least: they really need to understand what customers are saying. That complexity of tasks and objectives resulted in an explosion of tools used by marketeers.

Imagine that you would have one tool that helps you build campaigns, create pipeline and captures feedback. Imagine that you would have a 360° view on each customer. And that you could set up intelligent and highly personalized communication flows with each contact. That one tool would allow you to keep an eye on your branding, initiate growth programs and provide you with the data to take smart marketing decisions. Wouldn’t that be nice?

SAP Customer Experience: master it all

Lien has to make sure that the customer feels happy and engaged from the initial contact up to the moment of sales. It is a process of building trust and converting a prospect into a returning customer. SAP Marketing Cloud enables Lien to build the perfect marketing journey for the customer.

SAP Marketing Cloud has a planning and budget module to allocate Lien’s resources. Lien can segment all contacts based on available data (demographics, transactional, social…) and send out highly personalized (and if she wants automated) campaigns across all channels.

The power of centralizing marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud centralizes all marketing actionsand customer reactions across all channels in beautiful dashboards. It qualifies and scores all interactions. By working step by step, Lien is able to nurture each contact up to a point where a direct sale (e.g. in a store or on the webshop) or assisted sale (e.g. by a sales representative in B2B) becomes possible.

CX Marketing Cloud centralizing marketing

It’s all about data

SAP Marketing Cloud has another big advantage compared to other marketing automation solutions. By working together with any ERP system, with SAP S/4HANA as native integration, it has immediate, reliable, and real-time access to all data of the other departments in the company. No scoring, segmentation or customer analysis is worth your 50 cents if it is not based on a solid data foundation.

With an integrated SAP Marketing Cloud solution, Lien now has a real integrated automated solution with all operational data and key indicators being up for grabs. In order to maximize her marketing efforts, she even has the possibility to link her operational data with the experiences of her targets.

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The four personalities of customer centricity

This blog is dedicated to marketing service. and is part of a sequel about the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio, looking at the solution from the perspective of four stakeholders.
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