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Cloud integration: choosing the best tools and linking them

It's all about the cloud these days. More and more companies are already relying on cloud applications and the number of cloud users is growing exponentially. However, thorough knowledge is necessary to implement a successful cloud strategy. How do you choose and implement the right cloud solution and how do you link it correctly to existing cloud or on-premise systems?

Cloud solutions are often introduced gradually into a company, creating a hybrid IT landscape as a result: some business processes are in the cloud, while others run on on-premise systems. Even though the end user works in a unified, harmonious environment, the underlying processes are usually not that simple.

In order to simplify complex hybrid processes, SAP developed numerous integration tools, templates and easily implementable solutions. The most commonly used tool is SAP Cloud Integration Suite, SAP's "Platform-as-a-service", a middleware product with plenty of options for cloud-related integrations.

SAP Cloud Integration Suite: what are the advantages?

With SAP Cloud Integration Suite, standard integration content is available from SAP to integrate most SAP cloud applications (SuccessFactors, C/4HANA, Business By Design, etc.) with on-premise systems like SAP ECC, S/4HANA or SAP CRM. In short, the suite helps set up complex end-to-end integration processes with greater ease and it also supports users in managing and monitoring the content, which makes hosting or development unnecessary.

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Are there any other middleware solutions?

Besides SAP Cloud Integration Suite, there are many opportunities to connect cloud applications seamlessly to on-premise or other cloud solutions. If you already use SAP Process Integration (PI) or SAP Process Orchestration (PO), you can also integrate your cloud applications with these tools. So that your investment pays off even more so.

The story of Etex

Do you run multiple middleware tools including SAP PI? Discover how Etex moved 120 interfaces from SAP PI to CPI in four separate sprints.

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