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The 6 Reasons why choosing SAP on Azure

If you are considering to move your SAP workloads to a scalable and flexible environment, hosting SAP on Microsoft Azure is a very compelling solution. It is the perfect match that makes perfect sense. Both for companies that plan on running an ECC system for the next few years, and for businesses that are moving to SAP S/4HANA in the near future.

Picking the right technology and providers

A move to the cloud should be part of a long-term vision regarding your SAP infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your business-specific requirements and determine how your cloud strategy can align with these requirements. An important part of your strategy is the choice of providers.

Planning on moving your SAP infrastructure to the cloud? Here’s what to consider.

6 Reasons why the future of your SAP is on the Microsoft Azure platform

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The right moment for the right solution

The debut of SAP HANA, SAP’s in memory database technology, brings powerful momentum for innovation and for rethinking your organization’s SAP infrastructure. Microsoft Azure offers a combination of virtualized machines and purpose-built hardware for SAP HANA systems. This hybrid capability allows your organization to prepare for the eventual, comprehensive shift of your entire IT landscape to the cloud supporting SAP Production and Non-production systems.

Businesses that have not yet migrated from traditional databases “AnyDB” to HANA also have a lot to gain by exploring the capabilities of running SAP on Microsoft Azure. For example, SAP’s Cloud Application Library makes it incredibly simple to set up demo environments, and the pay-as-you-go cloud model can enable cost reduction for sandbox, development and testing systems. These systems can now be provided in a matter of days, where on-premise installations usually took weeks.

You want to know how to determine the right size and steps? Read our blog about our step by step approach.

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A proven, reliable roadmap – deliver end-to-end …

As a SAP-infrastructure expert, Flexso specialises in guiding organizations to their specific ideal SAP-infrastructure. Based on your goals and requirements, and on the speed with which you plan to make your SAP S/4HANA transformation, we help you towards a more flexible, scalable environment with high performance and availability.

Execute your S/4 conversion factory on Microsoft Azure with Flexso

SAP on Azure roadmap

Don’t tell us! Every company is different. And every roadmap is different too. Every company has a specific SAP roadmap, and that roadmap needs to be perfectly aligned with your datacenter strategy. At Flexso, both SAP technology and cloud integration are in our DNA. We will guide you through the S/4 conversion factory to build a roadmap for a future proof datacenter that is ready to host your SAP-environment and can support you for future business growth!

Are you interested in moving your SAP environment to Microsoft Azure?

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