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SAP Cloud ERP Research Management: one integrated solution

Research is becoming increasingly important to the higher education sector. It improves reputational standing, attracts students, and creates new revenues. Yet today’s research projects are also highly complex. As a result, many institutions are looking for a solution to manage research projects efficiently and effectively. Discover how the SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution allows you to do just that.

If you are looking to automate your research management, there are many options. But what to choose? Should you focus on project management software or should you focus on finance? Or should you invest in research-specific tools instead?

The SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution is a package created by SAP and Flexso. It provides complete research, finance and project management capabilities in one single integrated solution. Specifically designed for the higher education sector, it combines cutting edge SAP technologies with best practices in research management.

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The biggest benefits

Implementing the package comes with many benefits.
The biggest ones are:

  • Optimizing collaboration
  • Improving budget and cost control
  • Sourcing and procurement efficiency
  • Improving project governance and reporting
  • 360 degree project insights
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Interested to find out more? Read our e-book for how the SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution can help you attain these benefits:

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