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When performing maintenance on machines for your organisation, you want to spot issues as quickly as possible and fix them the moment they occur (corrective maintenance) or perhaps even before (preventive maintenance). However, maintenance and service process flows are time consuming, and there’s also a lot of paperwork involved.

Optimising and digitising your maintenance and service workflows is probably one of the best possible investments for any manufacturing company. By making sure machines are well-kept, you avoid downtime and extend their overall lifespans. This in turn equals higher productivity, higher profit and less need for large investments in expensive new production lines.

Making maintenance work for you

Flexso’s SAP Mobile Maintenance & Service (MMS) apps have you covered: maintenance teams can communicate and work together in real time, assigning specific tasks to the technician most qualified for each particular job. The technician, for their part, can easily log the problem and solution via a maintenance app on their phone, making the entire process quick and easy to track and report on afterwards.

Terumo unlocks paper-free, hassle-free incident registration

Eager to add mobile-first, efficiency-boosting apps to your plant maintenance operations? Terumo Europe did just that, with our Mobile Maintenance apps package and two brand new Terumo-specific apps.

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Mobile Maintenance & Service apps accelerator: a look under the hood

Powered by SAP Fiori, Flexso’s SAP Mobile Maintenance & Service accelerator pack puts you on the road toward SAP S/4HANA, even if you’re still using SAP ECC. The MMS pack digitises and mobilises field service and maintenance activities such as maintenance requests and orders, malfunctions and time spent, and spare parts used by technicians to fix the issue.

The apps included in our accelerator pack make both corrective and preventive maintenance more manageable:

  • Create Maintenance Request: this lets you log an incident, classifying it as standard, disturbance or malfunction, each with specific parameters for reporting purposes.
  • Notification List: offers an overview of all maintenance requests and their status. From here, the staff can decide which maintenance requests to convert into maintenance orders.
  • Maintenance Order Overview: a list of maintenance jobs that can be assigned to specific technicians, who can also add their own updates to the order.
  • Confirm Maintenance Order: the technician logs the amount of time spent on a specific maintenance order.

Backed by the power of SAP

Not only are there significant usability and productivity benefits for maintenance employees, our solution offers key IT and business benefits as well, including:

  • it’s module agnostic;
  • because it’s a web application, it accommodates almost any device;
  • it’s back-end compatible with ECC and S/4HANA on premise or in the cloud;
  • the apps are powered by SAP Fiori – a proven technology, built on SAP best practices and industry-leading design principles;
  • it leads to better data quality, up-to-date feedback loops of the requests, a clear overview of the order status for all stakeholders and more reporting possibilities.

Extend your SAP environment with a flexible package that suits your needs

The Flexso team is passionate about producing smart solutions for real business challenges. We created the modular SAP Mobile Maintenance & Service pack to complete your SAP environment and empower your maintenance workers. We are happy to work together with your team to determine your needs and configure the solution accordingly before implementation. The result? More efficient workflows and improved reporting.

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