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Introduce microlearning in your organization with MobieTrain

Have you looked at your screen time on your phone lately? What if we told you there’s a game that employers will applaud you for playing at your desk? Meet MobieTrain: the mobile gamified microlearning platform!

With more and more companies hopping onto the digitalization train, employees need new skills to stay up to date. And not just digital skills – soft skills are becoming increasingly important as well. But when do you have time to learn all these new skills when modern work flows are more demanding than ever? Combining microlearning with online training might be the solution you’re looking for.

Werner Smeets

As a partner of MobieTrain, specifically for the SAP SuccessFactors integration, we want to shape the future of learning together.

Werner Smeets - Managing Partner at Flexso for People

MobieTrain microlearning: powered by SAP SuccessFactors

Microlearning is just one of the weapons in your learning arsenal. You can use MobieTrain as a standalone app, but you can also unlock its true potential by integrating it with SAP SuccessFactors. Combine microlearning elements with classic training and e-learning to build a single learning program in SuccessFactors. Access the MobieTrain microlearning from your SAP SuccessFactors catalog and feed the history of completed microlearning sessions back to your LMS. From assertiveness training to improving Excel skills or a mandatory emergency aid training: the possibilities for learning become endless!

The benefits of microlearning

  1. Build new skills with personalized, gamified training.
  2. Employees plan their training when and where they want, straight from their mobile device.
  3. The content is fun, short and snappy, improving knowledge retention by 50%.
  4. It’s easy to create personal and/or company-specific learning tracks.
  5. Analyze the results and focus on gaps in your knowledge.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning focuses on bite-sized training content that’s easy to consume. By offering it on a mobile device, your employees can learn anywhere: at home, in the office or even during their commute. Pair this flexibility with a user-friendly design, gamification elements and scientific retention techniques, and you’ve got yourself the perfect training tool.

Ready to learn all about microlearning with MobieTrain and SAP SuccessFactors? Get in touch.

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