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A universal call for integrated HR Tech

Are you struggling with complex HR processes that lead to a sprawl of applications and tools? The necessity for a data-driven and integrated HR approach was discussed in the latest HR Magazine, with contributions from Tom Vanoirbeek (Adecco), Pascal Persyn (Perpetos), Marco de Gooijer (Barry Callebaut), Koen Mols (ArcelorMittal), Wim Van der Meersch (Bridgestone), Adelheid Vanhecke (DEME) and Flexso’s very own Tom Mentens.

Get the people involved

Payroll systems, attendance and timesheet applications, recruitment tools, talent management systems, data warehouses… There is a global call for a simplified, integrated HR software landscape. But which road to take is not always clear, says Tom Mentens, HR Transformation Consultant at Flexso for People.

Tom Mentens

“We get asked quite often to rationalise the choice for this or that system. Everyone has a different idea of what the best solution is. There’s no singular answer. But one thing is clear: you need to get the end users on board. More important than any system is the change management approach responsible for paving the road you decide to take.”

Tom Mentens - HR Transformation Consultant at Flexso

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