SAP IBP Release 2205

SAP IBP Release 2205 – Experts pick their 5 favourite features

With features like simulations, alerts and analytics, SAP Integrated Business Planning is an industry favourite that helps you stay ahead of change and ensures business continuity in the long run. And with every release, the planning solutions keeps getting better. SAP just launched the IBP 2205 release, so we asked our experts which features they’re most excited about. Let’s dig in!

Simulate KF Calculation App

Want to generate a faster time to value? The new Simulate Key Figure Calculation app is just what you need!

  • Speed up the configuration of key figures in your planning process
  • Check the accuracy of each calculation step without activating the planning area
  • Create a clear calculation chart based on actual key figures

Check out this short demo and troubleshoot any potential problems in a quick and easy way.

Manage Planning Notes

Does your organization have a recurring planning process? Then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the need to align different coworkers and underlying assets in your planning. SAP has developed another new application called the Manage Planning Notes app.

  • View and delete planning notes
  • Filter planning notes to certain attributes (like Product Description)
  • Detect potential process improvements easily through systemic evaluation
  • Jointly review current planning assumptions or critical changes
  • Use keywords to categorize and find similar planning notes

Want to see how it works? Check out the demo:

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Improved ‘Visual Basic for Applications’ Functions

Fulfilling the business needs of every single customer with one standard solution is not always an option. Sometimes you need to tailor a solution to specific and evolving customer needs. Following the 2202 IBP release, SAP has further enhanced the VBA functions (or APIs) for the Excel UI.
The APIs will enhance your planning view templates through VBA coding. Build your own business logic and automate manual planning steps. With the 2205 release, the new functions include:

  • Retrieve master data information
  • Open master data favourites
  • Update attribute values of a specific master data record (check out the screenshot below)

And there’s more to come! SAP plans to release even more APIs in the next IBP release, so keep an eye out for that.

Update attribute values: you can change the value of the master data attribute (in our example “ABC Code”) of one product simply by double clicking the cell.

SAP IBP Release 2205 Change ABC code

Improvements Planner Workspace

If you use SAP’s Planner Workspace Fiori app for displaying and organization your planning data, you’ll be happy to hear the 2205 release also includes improvements. In a planner workspace, users can combine their planning views with different types of graphs and charts in one single view.

Here are some of the most prominent new features.

Flexible Time Axis:
Set up different time levels in the same planning view. For instance, you can set up the current quarter in monthly periods and future quarters in quarterly periods. You can also add time-based totals. Check out the demo for this feature;

The layout feature:
Define the sequence in which attributes, version, scenario, and the key figure name are displayed.

Scroll to current period:
Automatically scroll to the current period. In combination with the freeze column feature, planners can analyse the planning data right from the current period.

Forecasting with Custom External Algorithms

Boy, did we save the best for last. The IBP 2205 release allows your business to significantly boost your forecasting capabilities by integrating customer forecasting algorithms.

Use external data or best practice algorithms in your own IBP suite to take your forecasting to the next level:

  • The 3rd party custom algorithm is tightly integrated in IBP’s forecasting process
  • The algorithm includes data aggregation and disaggregation
  • Apply product lifecycle logic in a best-fit model with IBP’s forecasting algorithm
  • Write the custom algorithm in R, Python or any suitable tool
  • Set up data exchange between IBP and the external system through OData Service

The benefits of the custom forecasting algorithms include:

  • Complete freedom of choice in the forecasting algorithm
  • The custom algorithm can be selected directly in the forecast model UI
  • It can be used in interactive forecasting as well as within forecasting jobs

Curious to discover this new feature?

Discover a more detailed explanation of the Custom External Forecasting algorithms in the demo on the left.

That’s it for the new IBP release 2205.
Five great new features, carefully curated by our experts to help you get started.

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