Analytics in HR: from faraway dream to practical value

Analytics plays a vital role in making all kinds of business processes more efficient and effective – not only for sales or production, but also for HR. Although most HR departments acknowledge the added value of analytics, turning it into practice can be challenging. HR transformation consultant Tom Mentens joined Koen Van den heuvel (IPG Holding), David Stuer (Antwerp Management School) and Kimberly Hermans (Ordina) at HR Magazine’s latest roundtable to gather some insights.

Two to tango

One of the issues discussed is the tendency of HR personnel to rely on their gut feelings.
However, data doesn’t mean much without human interpretation. That’s where HR’s in-depth knowledge of the team proves to be crucial. A number doesn’t take company culture or an employee’s personality into account. It tells you how many sick days someone takes, but not why. Only humans can deduce useful conclusions from analytics and turn those into actionable tactics.

Tom Mentens

“They think they know employees better than they actually do and make assumptions about their behaviour that aren’t necessarily based on facts. Analytics on absenteeism or teleworking, for example, can shed light on what’s really going on”.

Tom Mentens - HR transformation consultant at Flexso For People

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