Introducing students to the fascinating world of SAP

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As a student, you usually spend most of your time either sitting in large auditoriums, reading behind a desk surrounded by books, or hanging out at a bar. You'll learn about your subject matter, but it's of course much more interesting to be taught by someone working directly in your field.

At Flexso, we are committed to regularly holding guest lectures. We closely work together with a selection of schools. This allows us to share our expertise, and the students find it interesting to hear how all this theory is eventually put into practice.
Within the Flexso team, Yor Rombaut, SAP Consultant, is the one that shares his knowledge at schools as lecturer and guest lecturer

Yor, what would you like to achieve with these (guest) lectures at schools?

"The most important goal of ANY lecture, is to make the students excited about SAP and in my case even more about SAP development. This is not an easy goal as in many cases, more than 90% of the students hasn't heard of SAP before. Therefor I see it as my responsibility to let them know what SAP is, who uses it and explain the unlimited amount of possibilities the world of SAP has to offer to any developer."

How do you prepare for such a lecture?

Yor rombaut

"You need to know who you are talking to before being able to make preparations, every audience is different and there is always too much to talk about. That’s why you have to make sure you have an idea about the interests of the students and adapt your story every lecture again. Every (series of) lecture(s) is like a journey, you make the students warm by setting a goal, a target or a destination and the lecturer is the guide who helps the students to explore the possibilities on the way."

Yor Rombaut - SAP Developer at Flexso

What advice would you give to students who hesitate entering the world of SAP?

"Most students’ first impression when hearing about SAP, is that it will present them mostly limitations:

  • “SAP is just another ERP software..”
  • “I’ll be stuck with only using one language, ABAP!”

Therefor I advise students to talk to people who are working with SAP, because they will confirm my story. I will always assure any student with doubts about having enough options when entering the world of SAP that they need not worry a bit. I’ll even take it one step further by promising that making the move to enter the world of SAP will increase their odds of using many different technologies and working in a lot of different fields. Working with SAP means helping large companies improve their business processes, and companies nowadays have realized that improving means using many different technologies, because there is no one single solution for every problem. SAP also knows this and helps developers to access the latest technologies in an efficient way and allowing them to implement it in their solutions.

Bottom line, if you are a student and you wish to help companies to improve their business processes, if you want to become an expert in a single technology or explore many different ones, then SAP is the journey you’re willing to take."

Does SAP seem like a world that fits your talents?

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