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From human capital to human experience management

The coronavirus pandemic has had a definite impact on employees’ expectations. In smaller organisations, these expectations are still easy to manage. However, in larger companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. “Technology can lend a hand here”, asserts Werner Smeets, partner at Flexso.

As one of the largest SAP partners in Belgium, Flexso integrates software for over one hundred companies. This experience gives our consultants unique insights into the digitisation and HR policies of a number of leading companies.

“We are noticing everywhere that low-added-value administrative tasks are being automated”, states Werner Smeets. “This gives HR more time to focus on what really matters: the company’s employees and developing internal talent.”

Putting the employee front and centre

According to Smeets, these non-value-adding tasks fall into several categories. On one hand are HR processes such as administration and time registration. On the other hand are personal development and training initiatives. In addition, analytics and planning are necessary to be able to make informed decisions throughout end-to-end HR processes. In the past, HR tools were developed with HR users in mind. Today, however, the employee is increasingly central.

By empowering employees with self-service applications, HR staff members gain time – and peace of mind. The focus thus shifts from human capital to human experience management. There are many standard solutions that can help with this, but according to Smeets, it’s important to dare to look further.

“As an organisation, it’s key to innovate on top of existing software in order to distinguish your company from its competitors”, he explains. “Choose an open platform to make it easier to integrate with other applications.”

Digital voices

New technologies are taking over our lives – but do they still have human elements? What effect does technology have on us, and how do we feel about it?

In our first roundtable discussion with De Tijd en L’Echo, we talked about the relationship between HR and technology. How does technology enable better productivity? What technologies are useful for HR – and what are their dark sides?

Not every employee is the same

Smeets cites the example of imec, which worked with Flexso to develop a solution for its growing employee base. Imec employs a diverse group of people, ranging from internal employees to PhD students who temporarily work for the institute. Monitoring this latter group is especially administration heavy. With a user-friendly app, the person in charge of a research team can now register the right data quickly and easily. In this way, HR tasks are smoothly managed, and HR is aware of exactly who is walking around within the organisation and when.

At food retailer Carrefour as well, there are also many different types of employee contracts. “They employ part-time, temporary student workers as well as employees with temporary or full-time contracts. Those contracts have to be drawn up and signed on time”, Smeets goes on to say. “By digitising this entire process, we have succeeded – together with Carrefour – in automating the contract layout, digital signing and archiving processes? from now on.”

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Trust the process

Particularly in companies composed of multiple departments, it’s necessary to apply certain standards. “Many large organisations still struggle with pure reporting. If an organisation wants to map its talent on a global scale, a standardised process is a must in order to achieve and objective result.

“By mapping your processes properly, you’ll also meet the growing employee need for more transparency. They are not involved in HR on a daily basis, but they do want to be able to locate the right information easily – and they expect their employer to offer intuitive solutions”, Smeets concludes.

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