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The four personalities of customer centricity

I must confess that I am a bit demanding. I get annoyed when I have to fill out an online form twice. When I want to return the nice green jacket I wrongly bought for my daughter, I expect that I can hand it in at every branch of that brand. In other words: as a consumer, you could call me spoiled. As a CX specialist however, I know how challenging it can be to deliver that seamless customer experience.

Can you keep me happy?

In a recent SAP survey, Belgian CEO’s declared customer experience (CX) to be a top priority. Four departments face the customer: sales, marketing, services and e-commerce. The challenge for each company is to make those operations work together to create a perfect experience on the journey of each customer. So, to keep me happy as a customer, a brand has to cover all the moments we interact since I laid eyes on my girl’s green jacket until I receive a new one in the right size, sound simple? All personal experiences today are more than ever determining our behaviour and expectations in the B2B context. Because there too, we expect a digital, fast & personalized experience.

Bye bye silo’s,
hello customer journey

At Flexso, we strongly believe in SAP’s Customer Experience portfolio. It has a deep functionality for each of the four customer departments and connects them on each level: interface, data, processes and functionalities. It works natively with SAP S/4HANA, the digital core of SAP. At maximum deployment, Customer Experience means the end of siloed data and excellence on the customer journey.

CX Customer centricity 4 personas

Start simple, stay simple

Most companies I’ve worked with started automating one department. This is a perfect way to operate with SAP Customer Experience, which is a fit-to-standard cloud application. The underlying database structure and the built-in processes based on best practices, are cross-departmental. The takeaway for you: whatever you fine-tune and personalize in SAP Customer Experience for your own department, it stays in its core, fully open and connectable to other departments.

This architecture is good news for IT maintenance costs. Updates are performed on the core. Your integrations with other applications or customized programming are not affected and stay fully functional. Start simple, stay simple.

The four personalities of customer centricity

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