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Flexso becomes the Belgian SAP AppHaus Network partner

In May 2021, Flexso joined the SAP AppHaus Network. With this membership, we became part of an exclusive community of over twenty official SAP partners who are dedicated to co-innovating with customers and end users.

SAP AppHaus Network: a community of like-minded partners

The SAP AppHaus Network originated from SAP's initiative to create offices worldwide with the goal of fostering teamwork and collaboration in internal software development teams. Today, the network is expanding to include a growing number of SAP partners. Together, we believe that innovation needs three key ingredients to thrive: a human-centred approach, multidisciplinary teams and a creative environment.

David Pierre

“With our newest co-creation space we are not only aiming to come up with new ideas but more importantly, we want to bring them to life. We leverage your knowledge and creativity with our design thinking experience and expert knowledge of the SAP Business Technology Platform to turn an idea into the optimal solution at hypersonic speed”.

David Pierre - Partner at Flexso Digital

Co-creating with Flexso customers

Humanising software and co-innovating with customers: this has been at the core of what we do at Flexso since 2004. That is why Andreas Hauser, senior vice president at SAP AppHaus Network, considers the new partnership a perfect fit: "Over the last few months, we have gotten to know the Flexso team well. We saw a team that brings a truly inspiring level of thoughtfulness to their work without losing any creativity and while always putting the end user into the focus of the engagement."

Bringing people together

Our AppHaus provides a space for design driven collaboration and innovation. The use of the space, along with our AppHaus method, helps to ensure user adoption and satisfaction in your digitization projects.

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