Real-time HR analytics: discovering the key influencers of your workforce

Many organizations already acknowledge the importance of HR analytics in making informed business decisions about their employees. Turning it into an effective strategy, however, is proving to be another challenge. With more and more companies moving their HR systems to the cloud, real-time or continuous HR analytics is taking flight as well. This shift reveals new opportunities to identify your KPIs’ key influencers. Here’s how.

When it comes to straight-forward operational HR analytics, SuccessFactors’ (SFSF) standard reporting possibilities offer a good start. SFSF standard dashboards, for example, allow you to group and visualize KPI’s by HR process. For strategic and predictive HR analytics, however, more capabilities are needed. Identifying the key influencers of your KPI’s or combining various real-time data in customized dashboards is still a major challenge. And as a result, so is setting up a data-driven HR strategy.

HR and analytics join forces

To enable real-time reporting, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is embedded into SuccessFactors. This gives the end-user the opportunity to get an immediate insight of the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud solution. The operational reporting, also called story reporting, in the embedded SAC will give a current status of the real-time reporting and is a nice and easy-to-use dashboarding tool. In case a more extensive or predictive view on the HR data is wanted, the end-user can work with an Enterprise SAC tool as a stand-alone solution with the combination of SAP Datasphere.


Analytics and HR: the perfect match

People analytics, workforce analytics, human capital analytics: HR analytics has become a container term for everything that concerns employee numbers, statistics, reporting, etc. What it comes down to is getting to know the data behind your people, making sense of it, and using it to predict what’s going to happen in the future.

The more digitalized HR departments are becoming, the more data they gather on their employees. As such, HR analytics has become a must for every self-respecting HR department today. What started as simple operational reporting is now evolving towards answering business questions based on people and talent information, and even predicting employee behavior.

What analytics can do for HR

  • Increase efficiency in program strategy and execution
  • Identify project and/or program failings before it’s too late
  • Inject real-time data into current decisions
  • Avoid delays due to human factors, such as absence, overcapacity etc.

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Why SAP analytics cloud for SuccessFactors?

SAP Analytics Cloud brings business intelligence, predictive analytics and planning together in one high-performance cloud platform. The tool analyzes patterns based on correlations and key influencers, and allows users to explore possible outcomes for best, normal, and worst-case scenarios. This makes it easier to plan ahead. Furthermore, all data is available and can be amended in real time to keep track of changes and possibilities.

Because SAP Analytics Cloud is intuitive to use and connects with various sources, users can easily combine SuccessFactors data with data from other tools. The result is a powerful visualization of metrics that are highly relevant for any modern HR department.

Is your company ready for the future of HR?

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