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Digital Voices: how to blend HR and technology successfully

New technologies are taking over our lives – but do they still have human elements? What effect does technology have on us, and how do we feel about it? Newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo gathered industry specialists to talk about the relation between HR and technology, including some of Flexso’s own experts. Discover what we had to say on the issue.

The imec case: the balance between human and digital

High-tech research facility imec has been working with Flexso for years. And given imec’s technological pedigree, you can imagine the bar for digitizing their HR is pretty high. From onboarding to using a bike app, imec automated the whole HR process. The main challenge: keeping the human experience front and center. Or in other words: technology should be there to make the lives of employees easier.

Technology can help middle management in their role of people manager.

Werner Smeets - Managing Partner Flexso for People

Flexso’s Managing Partner Werner Smeets and imec’s HR director Lisbeth Decneut had a conversation about their journey together, and share lessons learned and insights gained.

The Carrefour Case: putting HR at the center of the digital transformation

HR is often the beating heart of the organization. So why wouldn’t you put it at the center of your digital strategy? Next-level customer experience is the number one priority for supermarket Carrefour. And they soon realized that empowering their employees is a crucial aspect to achieve that. How? By making HR the focal point of their digitization.

Ask the industry experts

The pandemic has incited a digital acceleration, and HR is no exception. In a round table debate, prominent companies from the digital industry sat together to discuss the state of affairs: imec, VUB, BekaertDeslee en #ZigZagHR. The question: can digital be human?And what about the dark side of technology?

From Human Capital to Human Experience Management

HR is a quickly evolving business. And since you’re dealing with people, HR needs to keep track of what’s happening in society. Topics like wellbeing, burnouts or, say, a pandemic can have a huge influence on HR’s priorities.

De Tijd and L’Echo asked our expert Werner Smeets what the impact of the coronavirus was on the digitization of HR. And how companies that are trailing behind should catch up.

Read the full article from our colleague Werner Smeets:

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