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A digital HR strategy: put your data to use

Digitization for HR often starts from a desire to enhance the efficiency within the department and to create a better employee experience. Interestingly, there's a often a lot of underused data ‘floating’ around inside organizations that could be a real asset for HR. In October, our Flexso for People colleague, Tom Mentens, joined a roundtable for HRMagazine about the value of utilizing data in HR.

Why go for a digital HR strategy?

The past few years have created a big change in the way people work and how they perceive their employee experience. Nevertheless, most organizations wait to digitize their HR processes or HR environment until there is a certain ’need’. Tom Mentens, our HR Transformation Lead, explains why a complete digital strategy is the key for a futureproof HR and, by extension, your entire organization. And why your data is pure gold to help you achieve that.

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