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Ingenious CV-matching app benefits both recruiters and applicants

HR departments are constantly looking for innovative and digital solutions to create added value. Payroll automation, self-service modules, hr analytics and other tools have already revamped the industry and continue to do so. However, selection and recruitment remained highly dependant on labour-intensive, manual work – until now.

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Andreas De Neve - CEO at TechWolf - and Tom Mentens - competence lead and HR Transformation Consultant at Flexso for People - elaborate about The Resume Matching App.

Avoid the unavoidable

It may sound familiar: for certain job positions, tens – if not hundreds – of CVs collect in your inbox. The first selection is necessarily reduced to a yes-no question. The ones you consider valuable enough are flagged and at best, the others end up a in large database that hardly ever serves its initial purpose.

Moreover, missing key information in certain CVs, misinterpreting relevant experience or showing bias during the selection process are considered unavoidable. What if all of that could be done differently and with better outcomes? Flexso gladly accepted the challenge.

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A fruitful partnership

To help HR departments deliver even better results, Flexso partnered up with TechWolf, a start-up specialised in using AI for strategic workforce planning. Together, we developed an innovative CV-matching app that is entirely tailored to the needs and wishes of selection and recruitment specialists.

Even more, the app can be seamlessly integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, further strengthening previous innovation efforts. Leading hr service providers have already showed great interest in this innovative solution. They realise that new technologies, such as AI, blockchain and machine learning, will reshape the sector. So, why not start the journey today?

The Flexso experts joined Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP, for a conversation about the response so far from recruiters and job seekers, what it is like to design on SAP platforms and the advantages of building their service on SAP including the ePaaS model and how it’s used by clients - Hear their story.

The engine under the hood

TechWolf’s AI technology is at the core of the new app, which first scans job vacancies for required skills and competences desired in future employees. Then, the app matches those skills and competences with direct and indirect information found in SAP SuccessFactors applications, from language skills to work experience.

The result: a matching score for each candidate, displayed in a user-friendly UI5 application. This makes it easier for recruiters to quickly identify the strongest potential candidates for each vacancy, while candidates receive immediate feedback and see the best job matches for their profiles.

Benefits for Recruiters

  • A real-time overview and ranking of people who applied for specific vacancies
  • A simple way to shortlist candidates for the next selection round
  • A list of jobs that would better suit the profiles of applicants with low matching scores
  • An effective way to avoid recruiter bias and to speed up the selection process

Benefits for Job candidates

  • An instant indication of their chances of getting a specific job
  • A selection of vacancies that might better match their profiles
  • The possibility of continuing the selection process via a chatbot

About TechWolf

TechWolf’s mission is to develop plug-and-play solutions based on artificial intelligence for HR platforms. This helps companies map out the characteristics of their workforces and get started with data-driven strategic workforce planning. The in-house developed Skill Engine focuses on 3 key aspects: job matching, learning management and analysis.

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