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SAP Integration Suite: choosing the best tools and linking them

IT landscapes are hybrid these days, incorporating multiple cloud platforms, on-premise solutions and third-party systems. This means that businesses are facing an increasing number of integration challenges. A thorough knowledge is necessary to implement a successful integration strategy. How do you choose and implement the right cloud solution and how do you link it correctly to existing cloud or on-premise systems?

In order to simplify complex hybrid processes, SAP developed numerous integration tools, templates and easily implementable solutions. The most commonly used tool is SAP Integration Suite, SAP's "Platform-as-a-service", a middleware product with plenty of options for cloud-related integrations.

If your organization has reached a level of technical maturity where integrating a mix of SAP and third-party applications, processes, and data is a familiar challenge, you're not alone. As businesses advance and adopt more modular applications, the complexity of managing and integrating these diverse components continues to grow. That's where SAP Integration Suite steps in, providing the tools and capabilities to streamline integration across your entire IT landscape, regardless of its complexity.

Keeping up with the complexity of integration: SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite is your go-to integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for seamlessly connecting your on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes. With a robust set of tools and prebuilt content, it empowers you to leverage existing investments and expertise, engage people more effectively, streamline processes for greater efficiency, and achieve faster time-to-value. Not sure how to get started setting up a whole new platform? Contact us now!

Let's dive into some of the suite’s standout capabilities

  • SAP Cloud Integration is the cornerstone of the suite. It offers end-to-end process integration through digital message exchange via integration flows. With intuitive graphical tools, integration developers can effortlessly connect applications, define and transform messages, and automate decision-making—all within a browser-based environment.
  • The Open Connectors capability standardizes and centralizes connectivity, offering access to hundreds of non-SAP connectors across collaboration, document services, messaging, eCommerce, CRM, and other application types.
  • In business-to-business scenarios, Integration Advisor uses AI to accelerate integration with business partners. Combining a library of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) definitions with a crowd-sourced, self-learning mapping knowledge base, it speeds up the development of integration flows.
  • API Management empowers companies to design, publish, and manage the full lifecycle of APIs, facilitating self-service access to applications and data sources across the organization. With Graph, an innovative API management capability, expose business data in a semantically connected data graph for easier developer access.
  • Apply an event-driven architecture with the Event Mesh capabilities, supporting real-time business processes and peak loads across distributed landscapes. Event messages can be sent and consumed by SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, and other SAP and third-party applications.
  • Enhance B2B communication with Trading Partner Management, simplifying integration scenario management with multiple trading partners. Monitor integrations, accelerate onboarding, and create and maintain trading partner profiles to meet their unique B2B requirements.
  • The Integration Assessment capability simplifies integration by providing a guided and systemic approach to designing and executing an enterprise integration strategy. Document your integration strategy, respond quicker to new interface requests, and gain valuable insights into the integration landscape.

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Whether you are looking for a way to drive collaboration between different technologies, between business and IT or even between different cloud solutions: integration is a must. Our experts put many years of experience to work in seamlessly integrating your business platforms and IT landscapes. What do you win? More efficient processes and automation – as a way to gain an edge.

Currently using SAP PI or SAP PO?

It's essential to start planning your migration to SAP BTP Integration Suite soon. SAP has announced that support for SAP PI/PO will be sunset by 2027. Don't wait until the last minute. Ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of integration solutions.

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SAP’s Business Accelerator Hub

In addition to this comprehensive suite of capabilities, SAP’s Business Accelerator Hub offers a slew of pre-built integration packages. These packages collect thousands of plug-and-play integrations covering various scenarios—from application to application, business to business, to business to government. These packages are provided by SAP and select partners, including Flexso.

Explore Flexso’s custom-built Shopify accelerator package on SAP’s business Accelerator Hub.

When it comes to driving innovation, integration is key. Whether you're exploring new business models or optimizing existing processes, modernizing your integration landscape is where it all begins. Contact us today to start your integration journey or to optimize your already integrated landscape.

Want to learn more about smooth cloud integration and how to achieve/ensure it in your SAP landscape? Get in touch, our experts are happy to help!

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