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The Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory: kickstart your integration journey now

With increasingly complex – and often hybrid – landscapes, smart and reliable integration is more important than ever. This is where the ‘SAP Integration Suite’ comes in, a toolbox that can help you achieve every imaginable integration. The migration towards such a new set of tools, however, can be a daunting task for many enterprises. Find out how Flexso can help ease that journey with the ‘Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory’.

The Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory is an approach, based on 4 pillars, that helps customers running existing integration and middleware solutions to transform their integration architecture and migrate to the SAP integration suite.

It is especially useful for when you are:

  • running the SAP Integration Suite (aka “CPI”) for a specific line of business (SuccessFactors, Commerce…) and want to scale it to an enterprise middleware
  • running SAP PI/PO and considering migrating to the SAP Integration Suite
  • running another middleware product and have a lot of SAP requirements

Optimize total cost of ownership

One good reason to choose an end-to-end enterprise cloud solution? Migrating to the cloud will help you reduce the footprint of your SAP systems and infrastructure and can save integration-, infrastructure- and service broker costs.

And there is more good news! For SAP PI/PO customers, we are currently offering a free technical assessment.

Not yet familiar with the SAP Integration Suite? Find out more >>

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Rely on 4 pillars

The 'Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory' is built on the following 4 pillars:

1. Assessment

Assessment/Analysis of your business case, including impact, opportunities, risks, and the workload of migrating your existing integration landscape to the SAP Integration Suite:

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2. Set-up

Set-up of the SAP Integration Suite by applying all SAP best practices and leveraging our battle-tested accelerators and proven methodology to fast track your project.

3. Migration

Migration of your existing integration content from the legacy system to the new platform. Plus, by co-developing the integration flows together, we’ll make sure you can maintain/manage the platform on your own once the project is finished.

4. Scale

Product trainings, expert coaching, side-by-side execution of the migration activities, etc. to enhance adoption of the platform and efficiently scale your implementation.

Contact us

Interested in the 'Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory' approach? Feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to outline all the possibilities.

Start your journey

To sum up: if you are still running a legacy integration- and/or middleware solution and are unsure how and where to start your migration process to cloud integration, the Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory can help ease your concerns. The four-pillar-approach will guarantee all bases are covered, with an optimized integration landscape, improved business processes and maximum efficiency as a result.

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