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The SAP Integration Suite: a 3-step approach to help you scale the platform

Are you implementing the SAP Integration Suite as part of a ‘software as a service’ implementation project? Or, do you want to roll it out as an enterprise integration middleware platform? Whichever scenario applies to you, you will want to set up this new (and powerful) platform correctly and get the most out of it. Read on to see how Flexso can help you get it right from the start.

For many companies, the SAP Integration Suite (aka good old ‘CPI’) is becoming a ‘must-have’ in their systems landscape. SAP cloud (line of business) solutions, such as SAP Sales Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur, often require the Integration Suite for communication with other systems, like SAP S/4HANA, or in some cases, with non-SAP solutions such as Salesforce etc.

To help you set up the new platform smoothly, we use a simple, 3-step process to help you scale your platform:


This stage is all about getting the platform ready for the project. We set up the platform, connectivity, infrastructure, security…, while keeping your team involved in an agile way. This ensures they become equipped to handle any changes later on without needing help from an external party.

Starting from an existing middleware solution such as PI/PO, Bizztalk…? Check out our Flexso Integration Suite Migration Factory here!


As the famous quote goes: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.” Developing robust integration landscapes is more than simply setting up a tool. It is also about governance, change management and structuring IT processes.

At this stage we will help you to embed the SAP Integration Suite in your existing IT governance processes. Some of the key steps in this phase are:

  • Setting up an integration design approach with the right people, specification templates, …
  • Adopting the SAP ISA-M integration methodology
  • Building up a library of reusable integration assets
  • Testing (including automated testing), transport, and release management
  • Monitoring, logging & alerting

Looking for help or advice on how to set up your integration landscape the right way?

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Now it’s time to equip your team with the skills they will need to build integrations on the platform and become an “Integration Suite Center of Excellence”. We provide the necessary product training with hands-on exercises, development guidelines, best practices, naming conventions, etc. Theory and a handy helicopter view are important, but since practice makes perfect, the trainings are packed with hands-on exercises.

To set you off on the right track, we work together when building the first scenarios. Using pair programming, the initial integration flows are co-developed in short incremental sprints. Our sprint review meetings feature interactive code reviews supported by senior experts with hands-on support. Learnings are shared directly in the group allowing the team to become autonomous and self-supporting in the shortest space of time.

Peace of mind

Afterwards you are ready to go your own way and become an “Integration Suite Center of Excellence”. But no worries: if there is any issue you cannot solve, we are still there to help you.

Our Application Managed Services (AMS) will support you in the best way possible, also for the SAP Integration Suite. This way you can tap into a local team of 25+ integration suite experts, all eager to solve the issues you report in our ticketing tool!

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