Accelerators for Integrated Business Planning

Align supply and demand in the cloud – in no time

Uncertainty in demand, high service expectations, faster delivery times… For manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and beyond, an efficient supply chain is essential for companies to realise their business aspirations. By digitising and connecting everything, SAP Integrated Business Planning helps you align supply and demand.

The result? You can ease planning and adjust your operations to changing market needs. Worried about lengthy implementation cycles and soaring costs? No worries – we developed SAP-qualified Flexso Accelerators for SAP Integrated Business Planning to ensure a smooth, rapid implementation.

Sales & operations planning

The ideal starting point of synchronising your supply and demand is the SAP IBP Sales and Operations Planning module. It allows you to take data-driven strategic decisions: you can assess demand and supply situations on multiple product levels and across the supply chain – not merely based on quantity, but also from a cost vs. revenue perspective. In addition, IBP Sales and Operations Planning helps you collaborate with colleagues through SAP Jam and enables you to create simulations to assess different options in resolving demand or supply issues.

But how do you take the first step? Flexso Accelerators for SAP Integrated Business Planning can help ensure a quick, non-disruptive move. Our accelerators assist in standardising and streamlining the implementation.

How can it help you?

The Flexso Accelerators are prebuilt packages – for SAP Integrated Business Planning that feature a series of standard solutions based on best practices. The building blocks include:

  • a pre-packaged solution for demand and supply
  • based on best practices
  • clear, feasible budget up front;
  • continued services and support after go-live.
Integrated business planning best practices

Fast time to value, fixed price

Based on our experience at several clients, Flexso offers a packaged solution for S&OP in which we embed well-defined options and best practices. We use a pre-defined methodology and service model that has been especially tailored to your line of business and SCM needs.

The Flexso Accelerators ensure a fast time to value. Moreover, because we present you with a detailed offer that include a clear budget and implementation timeline, there are no surprises.

Want to kick off with SAP Integrated Business Planning in no time and future-proof your supply chain management?

Get in touch – we’d be happy to explain our approach!

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