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Hello there, and welcome to Flexso’s Pop Up Café!
We assume you have found our Flexso AppHaus beer cards 😊

In May, Flexso became the first Belgian partner of the SAP AppHaus Network.
With this membership, we become part of an exclusive community of official SAP partners who are dedicated to co-innovating with customers and end users.
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Win your own Design Thinking Session… and co-innovate with us!

At the Flexso AppHaus, our experts will show you the benefits of design thinking for digital innovation and help you to turn your idea into reality.

Want to experience the benefits yourself by winning a digital innovation workshop at your company? Only thing you must do is answer the simple questions below and cross your fingers

  • Question 1:
    How many SAP-Partners are currently member of the SAP AppHaus network?
  • Question 2:
    What is the icon of the new Flexso AppHaus referring to?
  • Tie breaker:
    How many people will be present during our entire Flexso Pop Up Café road trip (From August till October)?

Good luck, and enjoy your evening 😉

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