Dev2Dev-Fiori Elements

SAP’s latest tools and technologies (think: SAP S/4HANA, ADT, RAP, CAP, CDS, BAS and UI5), two experts and a bunch of smart, curious developers: these are the ingredients of our hands-on Dev2Dev series. Created by developers for developers, the webinars provide you with all the insights – and all the nitty-gritty – you need to get the most out of the latest SAP technology! In the session on 30 September: go explore SAP Fiori elements with Yor and Nico.

Go explore SAP Fiori elements with Yor and Nico

SAP Fiori elements makes building Fiori-based UI5 SAP apps a breeze – even without know-how of SAPUI5. Are you new to the framework? Or been experimenting with the floorplan templates but can’t find the insights you need to take things to the next level? Yor and Nico to the rescue!

Meet Nico and Yor2

What to expect during this session?

After a short introduction to SAP Fiori elements, our experts Yor and Nico will guide you through its countless possibilities, illustrate its use with use cases and, most importantly, provide you with cool inside tricks that every SAP Fiori developer should know. Like how to tailor a list report application to your business needs or how to amaze the management with an overview page that provides clear insights and calls to action.

The agenda in a nutshell:

  • Create extensions with minimum effort & generate overview pages
    • using the Business Application Studio / Visual Studio Code
    • using the new Fiori Tools for Guided Development
    • with inspiration from possible use cases
  • Explore the possibilities and use cases
  • Discover where to find the best information to continue your Fiori elements journey


September 30th – 12:00 noon
The session will take about 40 minutes.

Did you miss our Dev2Dev session on SAP Fiori Elements but you would love to catch up?

> Ask us for the recording

Who can attend?

These webinars are invaluable to every SAP developer.

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