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SAP’s latest tools and technologies, two experts and a bunch of smart, curious developers: these are the ingredients of our hands-on Dev2Dev series. Created by developers for developers, the webinars provide you with all the insights – and all the nitty-gritty – you need to get the most out of the latest SAP technology! On December 13: simplify workflow and task automation with SAP Process Automation.

Boost efficiency and agility of business processes

SAP Process Automation can help you innovate and adapt to change by making workflow management and task automation simpler and faster. The solution helps you build with simplicity by allowing business users to use intuitive no-code, drag-and-drop tools to create workflows and automate tasks. Are you an experienced developer looking to find out about the latest possibilities in workflow management? Or rather a business expert interested in intuitive and easy solutions to optimize business processes? Bert and Stijn will get into it all!

Dev2dev sap process automation presenters

Meet the experts:

  • Bert Van Bree is a design thinker, solution designer and project manager at Flexso since 2019. He specializes in the design of custom fit solutions integrated with ERP and is fascinated by all the possibilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • Stijn Verhaegen is a new digital talent who successfully ended his internship last year and is Flexso’s go-to-person for process automation with already several projects under his belt.

What to expect during this session?

After a short introduction to SAP Process Automation, we will dive right into it! Bert and Stijn will guide you through the possibilities of no-code workflow management and illustrate with use cases. You will learn about the development tools to use, what programming languages are needed (if any) and which frameworks are in place.

The program in a nutshell:

  • Create an enterprise-ready application for onboarding new colleagues making use of the visual interface of SAP Process Automation to build workflows, automate tasks and decisions
  • Learn how powerful yet intuitive no-code capabilities can help you and your non-developer colleagues to automate business processes faster than ever.
  • Explore more possibilities and use cases
  • Discover where to find the best information to continue your SAP Process Automation journey


December 13 – 12:00 noon
The session will last about 40 minutes.

Who can attend?

These webinars are invaluable to every SAP developer.

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