Semperit boosts its business with strategic workforce planning

Hiring the right people and nurturing your in-house talent can boost your business and take your organisation to new heights. To that end, it’s important to have a solid workforce planning strategy in place. Austrian industrial rubber and plastics manufacturer Semperit decided to streamline its international planning process and manage it entirely from its headquarters in Vienna.

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The mental shift

Every year, Semperit prepares a budget that includes workforce planning and cost – a labour-intensive process, as Semperit employs over 7,000 people (FTEs) in more than 15 countries. Last year, the company collected and consolidated its local Excel files, which took a lot of time and involved a high risk of errors. That’s why Semperit decided to transition to digital planning.

Making the leap from manual processing to digital planning

To make the transition, Semperit opted for SAP Analytics Cloud, an integrated cloud solution for both workforce planning and in-depth analytics, thanks to a native connection to SAP SuccessFactors. The company uses the workforce planning solution to ensure a seamless integration of master and transaction data, while the analytics solution provides new insights.

“We first set up standard content and then identified the gaps that needed to be covered”, Koen Vanderwegen, SAP Planning & Analytics consultant at Flexso, explains. “One of Semperit’s requirements, for example, was the ability to plan both full-time employees and contingent workers. So, we added a new process to enable that. Additionally, Flexso customized the platform by increasing the level of planning detail and integrating new drivers which can be managed at different levels and by different stakeholders (such as group HR or the finance department). Last but not least, we enabled workforce planning by position management.”

“The shift to digital workforce planning enables us to fill in the gaps and define a more complete HR strategy.”

Petra Cepcekova - Expert in HR digitalisation at Semperit

Driving business innovation through digital workforce planning

The new platform allows Semperit to plan for positions rather than individuals. In doing so, the company takes into account the interests of different stakeholders, such as cost centre owners and reviewers, local and international HR divisions and controlling and management. Al together, Semperit’s digital workforce planning solution integrates multiple departments and stakeholders.

Why Semperit chose to digitalise its workforce planning

  • faster, more reliable planning
  • self-service reporting and variance analysis
  • integration of HR & finance processes
  • an agile system that prepares the company for the future

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Koen Vanderwegen