Spadel closed the loop between strategical and operational supply chain planning

Spadel, the company behind mineral waters like Bru and Spa, digitized and optimized its existing demand and supply planning process within SAP IBP. The result? An integrated, E2E planning process that steers production and offers a more complete view. Curious about their approach and lessons learned? Find out how they pulled it off.

SAP IBP Supply chain planning

Straight to the source

When the pandemic hit in 2020, demand for mineral waters became more complex: on one side, supermarkets were running out of water faster than they could resupply. But alternatively, the catering market completely dried up. This prompted action at Spadel.

“We had already integrated our suppliers and customers into our supply chain: we sent suppliers our schedule so that they could tell us if they could keep up with demand. But now, we needed to go further: where does our supplier get his materials from/source his materials? What are their processes? Who is at risk? This would allow us to anticipate and adapt when needed, both short and long term.

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How SAP IBP unlocked the flow of data

By integrating SAP IBP, Spadel built a collaborative supply chain that benefits from synergies. Because of that, its overall responsiveness has increased significantly.

Moreover, the solution also helped Spadel unlock the power of their data. “92% of our master data is now automatically interfaced with S/4 and BW. A great step up from having to manually upload and enrich our data! Our long-term planning is automatically uploaded from SAP IBP to S/4 as well, eliminating a tedious, weekly-recurring four-hour chore.”

Last but not least, Spadel is able to generate a consistent statistical forecast and improve demand user experience. “The platform helps us manage over 600 stock keeping units accurately and drastically accelerates our demand planning. As a result, our sales and demand planning teams are more confident than ever, since they have accurate and detailed data to work with.”

An even more sustainable supply chain

SAP IBP already caused a cascade of positive changes at Spadel. But there’s more to come! “In a second wave, we are looking to extend this approach to France and Bulgaria. And we will integrate our suppliers’ CO2 footprint into our decision-making process: unsustainable partners are not an option for us. A flexible and sustainable supply chain across all of Spadel: that’s our main focus.”

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