Inside the world of supercomputing at the University of Luxembourg

How do leading research institutions keep research projects under control – and within budget? The University of Luxembourg (UL), which is globally renowned for its top-notch interdisciplinary scientific research, relies on Flexso’s Research Management Package: a Common Research Information System (CRIS) powered by SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). And that’s just one tool in UL’s impressive technology stack.

Luxembourg University Research Management

While still relatively young (°2003), the University of Luxembourg (UL) is already a reference when it comes to research in fields like medicine and health, sustainable and social development, and … digital transformation. Top-notch technology supports the organization’s leading research efforts. In addition to high-end research, the academic institution offers an international master’s program to expose students and staff to new technologies, and provide them with access to industry specialists.

In an interview with SAPVoice on, the university’s vice-rector research, Professor Simone Niclou, talked about UL’s role in research and the nitty-gritty of its technology stack.

3 key insights from the interview

Pioneering a High-Performance Computing facility

“As a research university, we must be very strong in computer and data sciences,” says Professor Simone Niclou. So, in 2007 already, the university set up a large High Performance Computing facility, featuring supercomputers that can tackle massive datasets, and the most complex AI algorithms and deep learning models.

Researching the impact of AI tools

One of the research topics at the university is advanced AI. Simone Niclou: “As AI programs are autonomous and teach themselves, the legal framework and ethical considerations surrounding the software are important too, as is a rigorous quality control process. That’s why an interdisciplinary approach is key in our research efforts.”

Improving efficiency with a Common Research Information System

In order to better manage the administrative data, systems, and both operational and strategic reporting of its research projects, the university is implementing a Common Research Information System (CRIS) – powered by Flexso. The system, an SAP cloud solution running on SAP BPT Platform, centralizes validated information, streamlines workflows, and reduces the administrative burden.

Focus on research, not administration

In November 2013, the University of Luxembourg kicked off its SAP journey. Today, SAP – including a wide range of SAP Fiori apps – helps the university manage a growing number of business processes. One of the newest kids on the block is Flexso’s Research Management Package.

Our Research Management Package is a modular suite of BTP applications developed to make life easier for academics. Featuring customizable workflows, the system centralizes data, and streamlines and automates processes to reduce the administrative burden on the academics, and to keep the research budget and expenses under control.

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