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Flexible remuneration is key to attracting and retaining talent in a modern business. Well aware of this trend, KBC created Flex Plan for its 15,000 employees. But a new remuneration system also entails a lot of work for the HR department. That’s why Flexso built a tailor-made self-service Fiori app that puts employees in charge of their compensation.

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Strategic benefits

As an HR professional, you’re probably aware of the many benefits of flexible remuneration plans.

  • They help you win over the profiles you need in the war for talent by tipping the balance in your favor.
  • They answer to the needs of today’s multi-generational workforce: flexible plans allow people to adapt their compensation over time, with solutions for mobility and work-life balance as well as cash options.
  • They help increase employee engagement and satisfaction with remuneration. Indeed, flexibility has become nearly as important as the salary package itself.

Employees in the driver’s seat

For all these reasons, KBC decided to create Flex Plan. But with 15,000 employees, the HR department risked being overwhelmed with applications. That’s where Flexso came in: we developed a user-friendly Fiori app that supports KBC’s new system.

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The intuitive and comprehensive self-service tool puts employees in the driver’s seat of their compensation package. It includes:

  • a pre-defined list of mobility options, digital tools, work-life balance options or a gross payout to add to the personal basket;
  • a platform to monitor the available budget, entitled and eligible benefits and to add benefits at any time;
  • seamless integration with provider tools using daily interfacing;
  • online simulations of net salary impact thanks to payroll integration;
  • monitoring tools for the compensation and benefits department.
Walter Van Baelen

“The smooth and professional cooperation between KBC and Flexso led to an outstanding result. The Flextool is a great mix between complex functionality and excellent user experience.”

Walter Van Baelen - head of HRIS & Controlling at KBC

Future-proof and user-friendly

Flextool is built with SAP Fiori, the new standard for SAP user experience across the digital core. It is available for both SAP HCM on premise as for SAP SuccessFactors. To assure the solution’s user-friendliness, Flexso created the app in an agile way using interactive mockups and wireframes. We even involved the Fiori community. Needless to say: the app is ready for the future, and so is KBC.

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