Building an SAP recycling solution for Galloo

Recycling is a complex business, especially if you want to work sustainably, like Belgian recycling company Galloo. Supporting that specific recycling business model is one of the keys to their rapid growth. Together with Flexso, Galloo co-created an innovative SAP solution that is future-proof and helps achieve their sustainability goals.

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Galloo processes metal waste from companies and individuals, from end-of-life cars, ships, household appliances, from incinerator ashes, and more. Their recycling business is unique, ensuring a circular approach: their goal is to recycle 100% of the fraction delivered. That approach is one of the keys to Galloo’s rapid growth. More than that, the company has a bright future ahead, as the interest in sustainability is soaring and raw materials are environmental avers.

Leveraging the power of S/4HANA

The existing, custom-made ERP system was no longer up to that growth. As the technology debt increased, the company had difficulties to innovate and embrace new technological advancements. They needed a future-proof solution that would support their corporate identity and open up opportunities for innovation, while ensuring stable and efficient business processes. This is where Flexso came in. Together, we built a new SAP landscape comprising three main components:

SAP S/4HANA + extensions

Galloo benefited from SAP’s different ways to extend S/4HANA, making use of the SAP Business Technology Platform, while keeping the core clean. This resulted in a system that meets all their specific needs, as well as being future-proof.

The SAP Cloud Integration Suite

Previously, Galloo was managing integrations in the entire solution, making such difficult to manage. With SAP Integration Suite, they can now flexibly create new integrations or adjust old ones, which gives them the freedom to extend the integration landscape.

The SAP central launchpad

The SAP central launchpad has an unrivalled user-friendliness, offering a single point of access to all the applications supporting the complex process.

Galloo continues to inspire

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Iterative design approach

To meet the high demands for flexibility and performance and minimize technical dependencies, we adopted a phased approach: instead of creating one big monolith application and developed several smaller applications.

Galloo SAP recycling solution

The requirements and design were critical in the project’s success. we worked closely together to create mock-ups and validate the design through plenty of iterations and demo moments. This approach allowed Galloo to decouple the UI and flow from the specific functionalities, making it easy to use and future-proof. This also ensured smooth integrations with external platforms, offering greater flexibility and the freedom to innovate.

Supporting Galloo's sustainable business goals

The project results are outstanding. Galloo now has a stable core in SAP S/4HANA combined with SAP Business Technology Platform, enabling the development of their corporate identity.

Thanks to the innovative solution, they can now more easily process discarded consumer goods and factory scrap in an ecological way and convert waste materials into secondary raw materials, benefiting the environment.

The project also provided Galloo with a strong foundation for future innovations. The company has become much more flexible and can invest in what differentiates them from the competition. Thanks to the flexible integration possibilities, Galloo’s transformation journey will help them achieve their vision of a sustainable and flexible recycling business.

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