Use Fiori elements to accelerate SAP S/4HANA app creation – like Elia

If you want to improve the user experience in your SAP environment, the new SAP Fiori elements are a godsend. From asset management and commercial projects to plant maintenance, the framework makes workflows easier, increases productivity and best of all: Fiori elements does it all on a budget and with a low-code solution.

Fiori Elements

What are Fiori elements?

Fiori elements are building blocks for low-code applications that follow the SAP Fiori guidelines and are built upon the SAP UI5 framework. They can be used to build apps with a multitude of purposes, from marketing automation to digital supply chain and HRM.

Apps built with Fiori elements use annotations, as a kind of metadata, to determine the outlook of the app and how the end user interacts with the data. The best part? Because Fiori elements applications are controlled by these annotations, they are completely future-proof and compatible with Fiori 3 by design.

How Elia used Fiori elements to improve its business processes

As an early adopter of new technologies, Elia, the transmission system operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid, always takes the time to explore new ways to improve its business processes or way of working. That’s why the company started experimenting with Fiori elements applications in multiple projects, including plant maintenance, asset management and commercial project management. The next step after building a strong digital core.

Elia’s Fiori elements adventure: the breakdown

  • 35 new Fiori apps
  • 5 developers
  • Less than 1 year

What do Fiori elements apps look like?

Fiori elements apps fit into one of five templates:

  1. List report
  2. Worklist
  3. Object page
  4. Overview page
    Sidenote: The overview page must always be implemented as a standalone application that pulls in data from a minimum of two other applications.
  5. Analytical list page

What are the advantages of Fiori elements?

  • They’re a quick and budget-friendly way to develop end-to-end applications.
  • The technology framework is maintained and updated automatically by SAP, which guarantees apps that are future-proof.
  • The low-code approach allows developers to build applications quickly and easily, without requiring a multitude of skillsets.

Want to get started? Check the video to start your SAP Fiori Elements journey.

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