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Does an end-to-end, innovation-driven, centralised digital HR platform sound good to you? It sounded great to Carrefour Belgium! Find out how Flexso brought SAP SuccessFactors to the retailer rapidly and simply

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The Belgian branch of global retail firm Carrefour has been on a digital roll for the last few years – adopting new tools and solutions to boost competitiveness. HR is a critical part of this digitalisation track, and as Carrefour already relies on SAP, the company chose SuccessFactors as its mobile-first, innovation-driven digital HR platform and Flexso as its implementation partner. However, the platform is the means to an end – establishing Carrefour’s reputation as an agile, innovative future-focussed player.

The drive to digitalise

The retail sector is a fast-paced and dynamic environment , turnover is high, yet margins are small, and planning is a tough nut to crack. At Carrefour, customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. The company is convinced that empowering its employees is the fastest, most sustainable and most effective route to happy customers as well as higher business performance.

With industry-leading customer satisfaction in its sights, Carrefour Belgium set out to achieve efficiency gains by adding simplicity and flexibility to the full lifecycle of HR processes and empowering employees to offer better services in a collaborative, mobile-first way. However, they wanted to achieve the benefits of digitalisation as quickly and accessibly as possible, as employees lack digital savviness and require plenty of training and workshops to encourage the use of digital tools.

The answer to every single one of their challenges? After a series of assessments and workshops, Carrefour chose SAP SuccessFactors and Flexso’s powerful Accelerators.

The quickest, smoothest path to business value

Making the leap to a cloud-based HR platform isn’t necessarily a walk in the park – which is why we have developed an approach that streamlines, simplifies and empowers your move to SAP SuccessFactors. No matter the size of your company or the modules you’re interested in, Flexso Accelerators for SuccessFactors will have you up, running and delivering real business value in no time.

Why our Accelerators stand out:

  • they significantly reduce implementation time
  • implementation costs are lower
  • we involve your people in the implementation process from the get-go
  • simplified project management

Discover all the advantages

Simple, smart, connected

Compared to the fully customised legacy HR system that Carrefour was previously using, SAP SuccessFactors is a digital breath of fresh air. The old platform was inherently limited, since it allowed little room for innovation, and as a result, the HR team relied extensively on manual, paper-based processes.

With the new platform in place, HR has the digital tools they need to focus fully on continuously improving the user experience and digitalising processes to boost customer satisfaction. All contracts are now electronically signed, and HR information is accessible anywhere, anytime and via any device.

The benefits of SAP SuccessFactors for Carrefour:

  • Increased simplicity and speed of execution for the entire end-to-end range of HR services;
  • Employees have the ability to make personnel changes themselves;
  • It strengthens the digital and innovative reputation of the company towards stakeholders and employees

Building digital foundations for innovation in the cloud

Looking ahead, SAP SuccessFactors is Carrefour’s foundation for an organisation-wide optimisation of all HR-related processes and flows, from planning and scheduling to polyvalent working and learning and development. In moving to the SAP cloud, Carrefour has discovered that the sky’s the limit when it comes to digital HR!

Hear the story from Carole Delava, People Solution & Projects Director at Carrefour.

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